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Thursday, 11 July 2019

In Which My Situation Feels Ridiculous

If a person has stage one cancer, no one would dare say 'you're not sick enough to qualify for treatment.' They would be told by the doctor that it's good to catch it early to prevent it from getting worse, and have their illness treated as seriously as someone with stage three or four cancer. Yet if you have a mental illness and are still able to function, you're supposed to 'wait' until you've 'hit rock bottom' or 'can't leave the house without having a panic attack' or 'are so depressed you can't get out of bed.'

Friday, 28 June 2019

I Emailed Liz Jones When I Was Ten

“Writers should read everything.”

So said my father, a Tanzanian columnist for their national paper The Citizen. One would wonder why an egalitarian, Labour-voting humanist would buy one of the UK’s least-loved newspapers: The Daily Mail.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

The Freedom of Adulthood

It's been a whole month since I've posted anything on the blog; longest time I've gone without blogging since starting this thing. As you can imagine, I've been super busy building my literary empire. Articles, contacting bloggers and uploading my book details to Nielsen Title Editor and Goodreads.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

'Jill of all Trades' Author Interview with Kylie Jude

Another interview! Today is with the wonderful musician and author Kylie Jude. She shares life as a 'jill of all trades' trying to balance the arts...

Hello Kylie! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me. Tell me a bit about yourself and your creative background.

Happily! I'm an author and musician but I also dabble in art and filmmaking, especially video editing. I'm also an INFJ, a Ravenclaw, team Marvel, and a cat person (and proud co-owner of the most interesting cat in the world, as she would call herself, who happens to think she's a dog - but don't tell her I said that).

Friday, 24 May 2019

Author Interview With PD Workman

To celebrate World Schizophrenia Day (yes, it's a thing) I have an interview with fabulous mystery and YA author PD Workman up here today. One of her books, Looking Over Your Shoulder, features a protagonist with schizophrenia (as does my novella Every Last Thought). Here's an interview with the lady herself about her literary triumphs...

Hello PD! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me. Tell me a bit about yourself and your writing background.

I have always wanted to write books. Right from the time I was a little girl, stapling together construction paper and dreaming of filling them up with fascinating stories. At that point, I couldn’t read or write, so they were just filled with scribbles. I wrote my first novel (after three attempts) aged 12 and kept going.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Why Game of Thrones Ended Perfectly

So the greatest TV show of all time is finally over, and now we have the books. Many are disappointed and pissed off about the ending as they have been throughout this season. In this post I'm going to explain why I think the ending perfectly summed up the story's main themes and messages. The fact is, you can't please everyone, and a story has to end not by how we would like it to end, but how it ends based on its themes and prior events.
(Long post ahead, will contain spoilers. DO NOT read if you haven't seen the final episode!)

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Reviewing Contemporary Poetry Books

Being a freelance author and poet means I get to network with other poets who have their work readily available to buy or trade. I've had the pleasure of reading some wonderful literary works by some writers in the poetry scene and will be listing them here with short reviews, plus links to their books! (It's always nice to give back; we must help each other in this tough business).

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Game of Thrones' Genius Characterization

The internet is a terrible jungle filled with humans fighting and thrashing points of view at one another. Everyone insists their point of view is best and that anyone who disagrees best meet their end with fire and blood (or the caps lock). Art often reflects real life, and a show like Game of Thrones reflects the truth in humanity; our hypocrisy, fears, weakness and love staring back at us. (Spoilers for Season 8! Also, I've read the first four books so no whingeing here about how the books are better than the show - both are fabulous).

Monday, 6 May 2019

Jon Snow: The Prince Who Was Promised

It's been long foreshadowed that Jon is the one to sit on the Iron Throne. The Season 1 promo video showed several characters sitting on the throne, including Ned Stark, Cersei and Littlefinger. Jon is the only one whom the camera has a wide, central focus on. As explained in this video, having Jon as a contender for the throne (in season one) seems ridiculous. Not only is he a bastard, he joins the Night's Watch which automatically prevents anyone from inheriting lands or titles.  (Contains spoilers for those who are not up to date with Game of Thrones Seasons 7 and 8).

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Sansa Stark: Girl Becomes Woman

If there's one character on GOT I relate to the most (besides Tyrion), it's Sansa. At the start of the show (and books) she annoyed the hell out of me and most fans; she was a spoilt brat who couldn't see what a total arsehole Joffrey was. Her badass sister Arya was way cooler. Eight seasons later and Sansa's become one of my favourite characters, and I seriously hope she will survive to the end and rule the north with Tyrion as her husband. (Post will contain spoilers!)

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Toxic Femininity/Masculinity?

There's a lot of talk on the online sphere about 'toxic masculinity' and now 'toxic femininity.' I would argue that when it comes down to it, toxic behaviour exists regardless of gender. There are some toxic traits more typical of men and some more typical of women (bringing us to that old nature-nurture debate) but in the end, psychological and physical abuse is something we've all been on the receiving end of (and likely guilty of).

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

SMART Recovery vs AA

This post is discussing my personal experiences with AA and its program of sobriety. It does not reflect the views of Alcoholics Anonymous, nor is it in any way affiliated with the core teachings of the program or any other recovery programs. I have written this simply as a message to other addicts in hope that it may be helpful. Also this is a long post as I had a lot to cover!