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Monday, 23 January 2017

Islam is NOT a religion of peace

This post is not intended as an attack on those that identify as Muslim, or of any other religion. I am explicitly disagreeing with the ideology of Islam and members of Islamic Terrorist groups. I have no issue with peaceful followers of Islam. 

‘Quran (109:6): To you be your religion, and to me be mine.’

‘Quran (9:14) - "Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people.’

Those who have researched into religious texts such as the Bible and the Quran will be well aware of the hypocritical messages within them. One minute they’re telling you that they’re all about peace and ‘love thy neighbour’ and that God/Allah loves everybody; next they’re saying that all the infidels should be killed, women who commit adultery should be stoned, and a giant flood should come and smite everyone (for no apparent reason) and that all the first born children should be killed and all the children of Job should be killed (again, for no rational reasoning).
The Bible and the Quran are two of the most influential religious texts available today. Both books have been around for thousands of years and are followed by millions all across the world. The reason that this post is focusing on Islam is not because I:
a. Hate Muslims
b. Believe that all Muslims are terrorists
c. Am a Christian who won’t say a word against my Bible but will happily talk shit about the Quran

This video should be proof enough. Ex-Muslim
woman states modern Islamic terrorists are emulating 
the work of Mohammed when he was in Medina. She also
says the western notion of Islam as a 'peaceful' religion
is dangerous and is a slogan, not reality.

I am an agnostic atheist and was not brought up religious, and I disagree with the concept of religion in its totality. So let’s clear that up. I am well aware of the violent messages apparent in the Bible, and deeply aware of how the Bible was used in the Transatlantic Slave Trade as a tool to assist Africans into ‘bowing down to the white man and his Jesus’ as well as the Crusades of Medieval Europe. This post is about Islam, not Christianity, and saying ‘but the Bible is violent as well’ (and doubtlessly countless other religious texts) does not stop the Quran from being violent in any way. It’s a pretty useless argument that misses the point.

No one can argue with the fact that the influence Islam is having on the world today is astounding. ISIS is home to hundreds of thousands of members. The Al-Shabaab is based in East Africa and is home to nearly ten thousand members. The Boko Haram resides in West Africa and infamously kidnapped around two hundred girls in Nigeria in 2014. The terror attacks in Paris, Belgium and Germany are not new news to anyone.

But wait. ISIS aren’t real Muslims right? Surely they’ve just misinterpreted the Quran? They not representative of all Muslims!

No. They are not, and let’s thank Allah that they are not. Most Muslims are ordinary, peaceful, non-violent people. They are described as ‘hypocrites’ in the Quran; people who follow Islam to suit their life but then do things that violate the Quran (such as not killing non-believers, being gay, allowing women to have rights, and so on so forth).

And how is it any of our right to say that members of ISIS are ‘not real Muslims’? They call themselves Muslims, they follow the Quran, they yell ‘Allah Akbar’ when they are about to kill someone, and they bless Muhammad. I dunno, but they sound like Muslims to me. As far as the Quran is concerned they’re doing everything right.

One could say that I’ve seen a few violent passages in the Quran, gasped and gone *oh shit* and completely misinterpreted the entire book. But there are more than ‘a few’ violent passages in the Quran. The Quran has around 109 verses stating that the non-believers should be killed. Why? So that Islam becomes the ruling ideology. Verse after verse it is stated that those who do not bow down to Allah should be killed, slain, and be-headed; that alone does not sound like a peaceful religion. A peaceful religion would give you the option of joining or not joining. It would not openly state in its holy book that it is perfectly ok to kill people for going against their religious principles.

That same religion would certainly not murder people for drawing satirical cartoons mocking their prophet (who slept with a 9 year old at the age of 52, by the way – that fact alone is inexcusably grotesque), when that same magazine mocks other religions and other political ideologies because guess what? It’s a satirical magazine. What is so special about Islam that Charlie Hebdo are allowed to make fun of Jews but not Muhammad? If Islam was truly a peaceful religion then Muslims would simply laugh good-naturedly and get on with their lives. They wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t get so wound up that they believe it’s alright for people to be killed for drawing a few pictures. They wouldn't have declared fatwa on Salman Rushdie for writing the Satanic Verses, of which the core theme isn't even about Islam. People make fun of Buddha all the time. I’m sure there are lots of funny satirical images of him. And who cares? Buddhism is a pretty peaceful religion after all...

Of course, as mentioned earlier; most Muslims are not murderers and terrorists. Most would agree that men and women should not be killed for drawing cartoons. But they also think it’s wrong to make fun of Prophet Muhammad. But then why is it wrong to make fun of anybody? Politicians, artists; other religious figures are mocked all the time. I’ve seen countless unflattering pictures of Jesus on greetings cards and the like. What makes Muhammad any different?  Why should Islam deserve 'special treatment'?

And then there is Sharia Law. I once heard a Muslim say that ‘Sharia Law is Divine Law’ and that people take ‘simplistic, even literal views of it.’ This person was definitely NOT a psychopathic terrorist, but there were two main flaws with their statement. The first is that Sharia Law is not divine law. Sharia Law states that an apostate (someone who renounces their Islamic faith) deserves to be killed. Shari Law condones Jihad, which is the fighting of non-believers until/unless they become Muslims. Sharia Law states that homosexuals must be killed. Sharia Law states that a woman is not free to choose her marriage; a woman cannot leave the house without her husband’s permission, a woman only inherits half of what her brother may inherit, a man may hit his wife if she ‘commits rebelliousness’, a woman must sleep with her husband whenever he wants her to. Sharia Law states that those who commit adultery (male or female) must be stoned to death. 

The second is the statement of Sharia Law sometimes being taken literally or simplistically. I am going to call this out for what it is – blatant hypocrisy. If someone wrote a book and claimed it were the word of God, it would be expected to be followed in its absolutism, down to every fine detail. This is nothing but mere cherry-picking. Western Muslims have it pretty good, because no one is taking a literal interpretation of the Quran. What would happen if they, or any of us, went to Saudi Arabia to see Islam in its full, literal action, being followed down to a fine point? We would run screaming on a plane back to the West. I’m from England, and I’m not saying its all peachy and perfect here, but I’d much rather live here than in Saudi Arabia, whether I were an atheist or a Muslim. You know why? Because England gives you the freedom to practice any religion you want. That’s the whole point of secularism. Islam doesn’t condone this. An Islamic Theocracy wants all of its people to follow Islam and Islam only. No freedom to practice Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Paganism, etc etc.

It is time for people to wake up and stop with this liberal PC nonsense. I am not interested in offending anybody for the sake of it, nor am I interested in being nicey-nicey and tip-toeing around problems. All I care about are facts. This myth that Islam is a religion of peace needs to end. If enough people become aware of this, and the government does something about it, then perhaps we can rise up and sort this out before ISIS really do take over the world. (Not that I'm a fan of Trump, but at least he has spoken out against Islamic Terrorism). Because that is the overall aim of Islam, just as it is with any barbaric fascistic ideology – world domination.

Islam needs reforming and fast. I am not suggesting it be wiped out completely because I don’t think I have a right to say that ‘all religions should be abolished’ and I think that makes me as bad as the people who wrote the Quran. (Also it is my belief that with time humanity will progress away from religious dogma and move towards free-thought). I do believe in reformation and that evolution is better than revolution. Unless this happens, these acts of Islamic terrorism will continue. The Quran was written in 7th century Arabia. We are living in the 21st century. We have Science, Technology, and Human Rights. We should be past following books from the past.

Highly recommend this website for additional info:

'Calling Islam a religion of peace is dangerous and reductive' spoken by a gay Muslim:

'I have read both the Quran and the Bible, and, yes, Christians have had violence in the Old Testament but that all changed in the New Testament. Unfortunately Islam is still following the course that you can find many times in the Quran.'

'When the Islamic terrorists who murdered the editors and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo shouted “Allahu Akbar” and proclaimed their acts to be revenge for insulting the prophet Muhammad, we should take them at their word that their religion is what motivated them.'

'After discovering Islam, I felt disgusted that I have been living years defending a religion I knew nothing about, thinking I knew much about it. I felt ashamed when I knew what it was really about.'

'the Qur’an is only one book, written by one man in his own lifetime. It is meant to be taken literally, and it is not full of symbolism or vague analogies. It is mostly direct commands.'

'I am an apostate. I can’t write this sentence without feeling that I’m skirting death. Because that is the sentence prescribed by Islam. Would most of the people I grew up with be for my execution? No. Can I be sure that at least some wouldn’t? No. That’s really sad.'

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