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Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Problem With The Digital Generation

A girl posts a video of herself sucking a tampon. People go crazy over a gorilla getting shot. A Twitter trend states that the new legal sex age in Britain has been changed to 14 (it hadn't really) and people freak out over their daughters being 'legally' allowed to shag.
With information being delivered at a single click, it's no wonder the quality of said information has gone downhill. Facebook is nothing but a bunch of videos of animals and babies doing stupid stuff. Thirteen year old girls think Kim Kardashian is 'goals.' X Factor gives wannabes a chance at their fifteen minutes of fame while the masses cheer them on like they're Britain's Next Top Superstar.
And it makes you wonder; have we really lost substance? Is 'quick fix' superficial information delivering a shallow celebrity culture and bored teenagers calling themselves 'graygender' for attention just a result of the Internet? Is this all representative of the bombardment of digital information, creating a hyper-real state of  'the next best thing' being replaced over and over by the same recycled garbage? From one trend to another, one 'muad vine' to the next, until we're all really viewing nothing of quality and substance, nothing that will stick in our minds and all that will be forgotten the next day?
Who knows.


  1. I fully agree to your statements , we are advancing towards a brainless era where people are judged on numbers ie number of followers on Instagram , number of likes on their pictures, their Snap chat score etc etc. We don't even know what gives us pleasure anymore as we are too busy building our 'cool dude' self just to impress others not realizing that we are no longer what we once were.

    1. It's very true and sad, society seems to be moving into a digital hyper-reality. There's this novel called 'The Circle' by Dave Eggers that greatly satires the social media conglomerates like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. Everything is now about social media presence and people are able to present a fake image of themselves online which doesn't necessarily correlate with their real life.


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