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Monday, 27 February 2017

Counter Culture vs SJWs

In the 1960s, better known as the Swinging Sixties, change was sweeping the Western world. The rise of the Hippie Movement. The contraceptive pill. Free love. Don’t trust anyone over 30. The counter culture represented the young people opposed to their parent’s conservative views of the world. They were against the Vietnam War, pro-choice, pro-recreational drugs such as acid and cannabis, in favour of racial and sexual integration, and read Marx and supported socialist ideals. Musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles sang the thoughts of these young people. Protest songs were becoming the new norm, from ‘Blowin in the Wind’ to ‘All Along the Watchtower.’ Muhammad Ali swept headlines when he refused to fight in the Vietnam War. This was the rise of the Left, the rise of Women’s Liberation, Black Power, Gay Rights and the like. These were the laid back people who just wanted to smoke weed and listen to John Lennon and thought the world should unite cos ‘war, war, what is it good for - nothing!'

Today we should all be very thankful for this movement, and have been reaping the rewards of it. We should be thankful for the Feminist Movement, which has now given women the same rights as men and allowed us to be treated as equals. LGBT rights are ingrained into even the right-wing, with Trump not planning to over-turn gay marriage. Black people won the Civil Rights movement thanks to Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and the Black Panthers. The West has become far more liberal and accepting of everyone; men and women, people of different ethnic backgrounds, people of different sexualities. Homosexuality was once a crime; now it’s practically celebrated. The times truly have-a changed.

Or have they? You would think that nearly 60 years later, after all that marching and protesting, things would be different. Black men and white women walk out together on the street like it’s nothing. Gay marriage is legal in the UK and USA. A black man was the president of America and a woman was running as candidate. There is nothing a man can do that a woman can’t do. In fact, girls outperform boys in school now.

So. The West is now a fabulous, tree-hugging utopia right! Not quite. There are some that believe that nothing has changed, that there’s still a long way to go. These may be better known as Social Justice Warriors, aka SJWs. Words like ‘bossy’ are more offensive than little girls saying ‘fuck.’ Women are still oppressed, second class citizens, so clearly the Feminist Movement that’s been going on for hundreds of years has done next to nothing. If you’re a woman, you will never enjoy the same privileges as men. You may as well just curl up in a corner and cry because Mary Wollstonecraft and Emeline Pankhurst and Angela Davis JUST WEREN'T GOOD ENOUGH!  Click here for article on SJWs
The Black Lives Matter movement has risen up as its founders don’t think their successors the Black Panthers quite got it right. Sure, they tried, but it wasn’t enough. We still have to beat up an autistic white boy to prove that only black people have it bad. If you’re born with a darker skin tone, your life is automatically a struggle. So much for the Civil Rights Movement!

Well, not according to transgender people. Trans people think they have it the worst of all; what fricken bathroom are they supposed to use? In fact, the world is so unfair that everyone who isn’t like them has to have a special name. Cis-gender. The world is now split into two camps; the 97% privileged cisgender folk, and the 3% that are trans. But even that isn’t good enough; now we have to start renaming our genders. Once upon a time you were either a man or a woman. Now you can be greygender, otherkin, pangender, demigender, agender, leafgender, toucangender, catgender, pandagender, genderqueer, genderfluid – there’s a whole range! ISN’T THAT AWESOME! A whole range of colourful new genders for you to choose from! Doctors used to just look at your genitals and determine your gender. Congratulations, that’s now oppression! They’re reducing down a poor little baby to their willy or pussy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years this becomes illegal, that when the child reaches a certain age that child will have every right to decide whether they want to be a girl, otherkin, leaf, leopard or goldfish. I left out boy because by that point being a boy will probably be classed as evil because men are the evil oppressors; the satanic forces of the world. Men are a species that must be wiped out. Unless you’re Roosh V, in which case you and your Fight Club cronies of the manosphere will be ready to combat the matriarchy and honour your penises.

I vision a dystopia where masculinists and feminists fight each other to death. Black people now rule over white people and have white people as slaves for all those years of slavery and oppression. But then I guess white people deserve it, for everything their great great great great great grandparents did. (Or maybe did, as their families may not have even been able to afford slaves). Children form covens where they make up a new gender for themselves each day, with a secret handshake, while their mums and dads fight each other. Homosexuals will probably be the happiest, linking arms and skipping off into the sunset and adopting a little catgender child. Trans people will be the new presidents, and no one will be allowed to use public bathrooms except them. The human race will slowly destroy itself, until there will no one left and our race will have gone extinct just like the dinosaurs.  Click here for YouTube video on how to be an SJW

I’m sure that’s exactly what the 1960s Hippies envisioned. Mm, brave new world.
Do you agree or am I talking exaggerated nonsense? (I am exaggerating for satirical purposes). Lemme know in the comment section...


  1. Ha! Awesome! It seems, though, that people are getting tired of it. Too bad it's penduluming so far Right. It will just make the SJW'S feel vindicated in their nonsense. So glad that I live in a small city where people don't seem to go too far in either direction.

  2. I agree with some of this although I'm not even 0.00001% thankful for the Feminist movement nor should I be. They didn't give women the same rights as men and allow us to be treated as equals; that's a myth.

    Aside from that, the 60s-70s were definitely a liberal time and many would say it went too far left, which is what ushered in the conservative era of the 80s and Reagan as a backlash. I would just like us to find a more happy moderate medium.

    1. Yeah, the extremity of 'right vs left' is too much. Hopefully we will move more towards something in the middle though it may take some time.


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