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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Straight Edge, Socialiser, Party Animal or Addict?

Drinking is a huge part of our culture in Britain. Binge drinking, heavy social drinking, cocktails after work, beer with the guys. Weed is more prominent in some circles; harder drugs in others. So how can you tell if you’re straight edge, a socialiser, a crazy hard partier or an addict? Keep reading to find out! (Note: this is not a moral judgement on anyone or scientifically proven, just something I made up for fun).

Straight Edge. Typically only drinks in social situations or not at all. Won’t do anything super crazy if drunk (i.e. ending up in A&E). Doesn’t smoke or do other drugs, maybe tried weed or a fag once or twice but didn’t like it. Goes out now and again with friends, has a good time but doesn’t get into major trouble. Is usually the one that ends up looking after everyone else.

Socialiser. Again drinks only really in social situations, but more likely to do crazy shit whilst drunk. Will also do other drugs now and again but not frequently, and possibly smokes fags regularly. More likely to smoke weed regularly than drink regularly, and less likely to ever do harder drugs. Goes out with friends, has a good time, maybe does a line of coke here or an ecstasy pill there but won’t do it all the time.

Crazy Hard Partier. Again, only drinks or uses in social situations, but will go heavy. Hard drugs like cocaine and ecstasy are a massive part of social circle. Will party for entire weekends. Usually will have a lot of money so will be able to afford to. Will have a social circle that also does hard drugs and drinks heavily. Will go to top end clubs and social drug use will play a big part in their life.

Addict. Uses both alone and in social situations. Typically drinks or uses drugs to change the way they feel, not necessarily to just have a good time. Will use or drink on a frequent basis; continued use leads to daily usage. Often ends up using or drinking alone. Drink and drugs stops being fun and becomes a need or a dependency, and becomes the main goal of the addict’s ‘good time’ rather than the company of other people. Becomes obsessed with the drink/drug and will do almost anything to get it. Click here for post on alcoholism

So yeah, best check which one you fall into. (This is subjective and not factual or anything; I made it up based on observing others and myself). To become an addict you would have to go through at least one or two of the other stages first; no one wakes up and they’re immediately dependent. Addicts usually seek out the drink or drug due to a state of depression, anxiety or boredom, or because they’re in a social circle where drink/drug taking is a heavy activity. Most people aren’t addicts and probably fall into the second category, with the first and third being less common and the fourth being the least common. (Again, this is just me being subjective – maybe I don’t know enough crazy hard partiers – or everyone my age is broke). Thanks for reading!

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