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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Why so much hate against Donald Trump?

Disclaimer: I am not a Trump supporter. I don’t heavily support any politician or political party. My views are centre-left leaning and I think the Republican Party is full of shit. In the case of the recent US election I believe Bernie Sanders would have been the best candidate, and didn’t particularly like either Trump or Clinton. So that’s cleared up. (I'm also from Britain, not America).

‘Donald Trump is a Nazi. Donald Trump is a fascist. Donald Trump is a racist homophobic misogynistic. Donald Trump is a white supremacist. Trump is this; Trump is that, Trump is a goddamn motherfucking twat.’

Where are all of these views coming from? From what I’ve researched, Trump is simply a bog-standard right wing American conservative. He’s not a Nazi; he hasn’t called out for a certain group of people to be wiped out or put in concentration camps.

How can he be a fascist when America is a democratic country? How can the current state of America even be compared to Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia, or Mussolini’s Italy? He hasn’t actually said anything particularly racist; in fact he went out of his way to gain the support of black voters. He also fought to include both Jews and blacks at Palm Beach Golf Course in the 90s, despite the fact that both groups were being discriminated against by other clubs in Palm Beach.

Out of all the Republican presidents he’s most supportive of LGBT rights. No doubt this is all to win votes and it probably isn’t representative of his personal views, but he hasn’t actually said anything outwardly against gays – ironically in 2004 Hilary Clinton stated marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Sure, he said he wants to build a wall between America and Mexico. He said he loves the poorly educated. He lost billions of dollars (but plenty of businessmen have gone bankrupt and he still owns many successful businesses and is worth over a billion dollars). He said he’d date his daughter if they weren’t related. He’s said some pretty outlandish and ridiculous things. But the hyperbolic claims against him are ridiculous. Trump is not against immigrants; he’s against illegal immigrants. He’s not against Muslims; he’s against Islamic Terrorism. He wants to build a wall between Mexico and America (which is obviously a ludicrous idea) but this is to stop illegal immigration, not immigration per se. He was endorsed by the KKK? Well, wasn’t Clinton? And can they really control who wants to endorse them? And if Trump was truly a white supremacist he would have called on every single non-white person to be executed the minute he was inaugurated. And for gods’ sake, his wife is from what used to be known as Yugoslavia, and his ex is from Czech Republic.

The so-called Muslim Ban is NOT a ban on Muslims, it’s a temporary ban on refugees from seven countries (that were issued by the Obama Administration) to enter the country. If it were a Muslim ban then why isn’t Saudi Arabia or India on the list? There are loads of countries in Africa that house plenty of Muslims; why aren’t they on the list? These are high risk countries in which members of ISIS have entered from into the US disguised as immigrants. Trump is actually making an active stand to prevent Islamic Terrorism, but people are so quick to call him a racist (when Muslim isn’t even an ethnic group). Needless to say, most people are unaware of the horrific violence, misogyny, homophobia, (and all the stuff people claim Trump is in support of) within the Quran. Click here for my post on Islam

As for misogyny; his views on women’s rights are typical of his party; Republicans are generally anti-abortion and pro-traditional marriage. He hasn’t actively shown or said he ‘hates’ women which is the actual definition of misogyny. He’s made some typical stupid-guy comments about women, saying that women are beautiful hot pieces of ass and talked about girls he would bang. (Boo-hoo, so hateful. He’s said stuff that guys say to each other in private. Like girls don’t sit around when we’re all together bitching about guys!)

He’s also appointed women to work for him in his businesses based on their skill levels, such as Barbara Res who constructed the Trump Tower. He’s hired more women to work for him than any other person in the construction business. How does that make him a sexist? A true misogynist would not value any woman enough to marry her or to raise one as his daughter.

And is it any wonder Trump won? Is it any wonder Brexit happened or the Tories in the UK won the 2015 election? Has it occurred to anyone that current liberalism is looking stupid? Everything is sexist or racist or homophobic. Everything is offensive. Maybe Trump got voted in because people are tired of PC crap and want someone who is actually prepared to tackle the problem of Islamic Terror.

I believe part of the reason there is so much hate against Trump is because people are just going along with what the media is saying about him rather than looking into the guy. It’s cool to hate on Trump so let’s all do it. I don’t know enough about Trump’s other policies, but I’m guessing it’s just classic right wing stuff like lowering taxes and defending the right to bear arms. How is he any more of a Nazi than Nixon, Reagan and Bush? End of the day they’re all the same stupid party, but Trump isn’t ‘different’ or ‘special’ he’s just more outlandish and brash.

Do you agree with this? Are you a Trump supporter, a Trump hater or somewhere in the middle? Leave a comment below!


  1. Trump is more of a centrist than he gets credit for. He was a liberal for a long time and then supported Gov. Jesse Ventura when he ran as a third party candidate and claimed the establishment was a 2 party con job. (1 party disguised as 2 in many ways) I would be willing to bet that his personal views are at least pro-gay marriage, as that is what he said before he ran for public office as a "Republican". Many Trump supporters voted for Trump because they saw him as more of a 3rd party candidate who ran as a Republican because the system is rigged to only elect 1 of the 2 main parties. (I wrote about this when he first ran:

    As far as misogyny, I still haven't heard Trump say anything that some woman hasn't already said about women - yet was never been called a misogynist for it simply because she was a woman. That is true sexism.

    "Maybe Trump got voted in because people are tired of PC crap and want someone who is actually prepared to tackle the problem of Islamic Terror." - This was definitely one of the reasons.

    1. Yeah I've heard he was a liberal for a while. I think the media is just trying to sell him as far-right wing but he's actually more centrist as you said.


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