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Monday, 13 March 2017

Alcohol vs Weed

I’m an addict in recovery, so my opinion on these substances is going to be a little biased. Alcohol was my primary drug of choice, but weed has been a bit of a substitute or subsidiary to booze. The first time I smoked weed was a year and a half ago when I was eighteen. It had a really strong effect on me; I was extremely hyper, paranoid and energetic. I smoked it with a friend of mine who kept shrieking with laughter at my erratic behaviour. I was talking super fast and thought I was seeing things and thinking there were ghosts underneath my friend’s bed. The high lasted about five hours (or it might’ve been more or less). We only had one zoot between us.

I didn’t touch weed again until months later (that experience sort of put me off). Since then it’s something I’ve done hand in hand with drinking, to try and replace or cut down on my drink. That’s how it’s been over the past year anyway. Not as frequent as booze, but definitely there. All the other times I’ve been high I’ve pretty much just giggled and stared into space; forgotten what I was going to say, chatted nonsense, and been tired. So just like a normal high person. In all honesty I would say being high is overrated and just temporarily makes you feel good, as well as very tired and very slow. I don’t think it’s ‘amazing’ or ‘incredible’ or anything like that. It’s something that temporarily changes the way you feel, and then it goes and you feel meh again (in my case).

I would definitely say alcohol is worse than weed. Weed has never put me in A&E, made me vomit, caused me to ditch my friends and want to drown myself, made me get aggressive and smash up glass bottles, or let the room spin as I hit the floor and have to clean up my sick the next day or be taken home in a taxi. The worst thing being high has had me do is go to bed or slowly make sentences that make no sense. I’m not saying weed is harmless; it is a drug, and excessive use can lead to psychosis and depression, as well as lack of productivity. But I find it very hypocritical when people who drink alcohol and/or smoke cigarettes talk about how terrible weed is. They’re both drugs and they both have their bad sides and they’re both pretty useless, but to say one is worse or better than the other is hypocritical. Drunk people can be boisterous and aggressive and erratic; high people just laze around and eat and laugh. I would much rather be around a stoned person than a drunk person. Also it’s easier to still function when high than drunk because alcohol hits you wayyyy harder (that’s just my opinion).

When in recovery it’s advised to cut off all drugs, even if you only mainly used one. So if you’re a heroin addict, don’t start substituting with alcohol. If you’re an alcoholic, don’t start substituting with cocaine or weed. They all give you a buzz or a high anyway, and it’s said that usage of one can lead back to the first drug of choice. Obviously if you’re not an addict it’s fine; have a drink, have a smoke, but for God’s sake quit with the lectures about how weed is ‘sooo awful’ while sipping your glass of wine. Alcohol is a drug. It kills thousands of people every year and destroys lives. Statistically in the UK alcohol is the most harmful drug, the second being heroin. (Booze and smack also have the worst withdrawals.
List of most to least harmful drugs in the UK:

 Alcohol withdrawal is pretty grim – shakes,
panic attacks, feeling like the room is moving around). The safest drug, funnily enough is said to be mushrooms. I’m not saying that weed is safe and alcohol isn’t; I’m saying they all have some bad effects. Some may argue that weed is worse (a recovering cannabis addict would for sure), but obviously this is subjective. I believe that alcohol is worse, but of course anything used to excess is bad. It just pisses me off when heavy drinkers bitch about how terrible weed is and that no one should smoke it cos it’s like, illegal you know, and like, soooo terrible init. (May I remind you that in America between 1920 and 1933 alcohol was made illegal? Also in many Islamic countries such as Yemen and Somalia alcohol is illegal).

Anyway, there are so many other incredible elements of life to get high on. Dancing to music, lying in the sun, being with friends, laughing, eating ice cream, watching good films, reading an intriguing story, going for a run, playing an instrument, winning at a video game. How about we just all get high on life?

Do you prefer alcohol or weed, or none of them? Are drugs shit? Should weed be legalised? Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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  1. I completely agree with you here.

    I have to say, I think sometimes that the hypocrisy of those who drink yet are against smoking might come from some manipulative places as well. Alcohol helps people lose their inhibitions and make really bad decisions, which they often will blame on "being drunk" and "not in control", even though they had the control to get drunk in the first place. On the flip side, I've never known of any case for someone to make a very bad decision (i.e. cheating, physically fighting, etc.) and then blame it on being "high on marijuana". As you said in your post, "The worst thing being high has had me do is go to bed or slowly make sentences that make no sense."

    *"The safest drug, funnily enough is said to be mushrooms."
    - I'm not sure where you heard this but this is not true, especially if you have experienced any trauma in your life or have any sensitivity or emotional issues. This can be very bad long-term for your mental/emotional health. I can see marijuana being legitimately recommended to some people but I really don't think mushrooms or any other psycho-drug should ever be recommended or encouraged in any way.*

    The safest "drug" to take is actually marijuana. This and red wine are the only "drugs" that have proven to have any health benefit - in moderation of course.

    I do think weed should be legalized, along with hemp, because it has a TON of benefits with very little negatives. It would create jobs, make a lot of money for the communities if taxed and be safer and less on the street if there were more weed lounges (weed version of alcohol bars). People who are high on weed do not have any high rate of hurting other people (or even themselves) so I don't see why they should be considered criminals in any sense of the word. Alcohol does poison you when you drink it and cigarettes are bad for one's health as well. Caffeine is very addictive, almost as much as sugar, yet all of those things are legal and taxed. Why not weed?

    1. This is the list that says which drugs are the most harmful (in the UK):
      Psychedelics are harmful if you suffer from mental health problems, as are any drug, but they're not physically addictive like alcohol or heroin. Needless to say no drugs should be 'encouraged', but people will still do them out of curiosity. Also totally agree with you about the caffeine thing; caffeine and cigarettes are highly addictive and most people consume them, yet they're quick to point fingers at other addicts. People are running around town being addicted to nicotine and coffee and acting all high-and-mighty about it, haha.

    2. Thank you for providing your source link. However, I do not see where it says that mushrooms are the least harmful?

      I am not as worried about the "addictive" part of drugs as much as the long-term effects. Psychedelics can cause damage to the brain that leads to psychological issues that can last for years, even after one stops using the drug. Also, "Just one strong dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms can alter a person's personality for more than a year and perhaps permanently, a new study finds." (

      If you have any *slight* mental health problems, for example something as small as being a worry-wart, it could compound that problem and increase your risks of actual panic attacks etc.

      So I just say this to make it clear how harmful mushrooms can be. I just feel obligated to let people know that it's much more harmful than many of the other drugs on the list from your source. The way that list counts "harm" seems a little off to me, like it's missing valuable factors. A person on mushrooms can hallucinate and think you are trying to attack them, leading them to physically "defend" themselves. This is much more harmful, although less common, than second-hand smoke that one can inhale, yet tobacco is higher on the list for "causing harm to others". So I'm not saying the list is wrong, but it's missing other valuable information and not giving the complete picture.

      Drinking a glass of red wine (specifically red wine) a week does actually have health benefits including lowering your risk for heart disease and lowering your chance of a stroke.

      Marijuana truly does have medicinal properties depending on your condition (even including PMS) but that's a topic for another conversation. As far as recreational though, marijuana in small doses can help someone who has trouble sleeping, needs a painkiller, feels nauseous or needs help building an appetite.

      So it's hard for me to consider red wine and marijuana as "drugs" relative to the other ones which only harm medically (at least when digested).


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