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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Gender (and why people give a fuck)

For some reason a hot topic nowadays circling people online (and offline) is gender. Gender as a social construction; the possibility of there being more than two genders, gender binaries, and whatever. And it’s really, really, REALLY fricken pissing me off. So let's get this thing straight. Sex is biological. There are only two sexes: male and female. Gender is psychosocial, and typically how sex is expressed and understood. But as there are only two sexes, there can only be two genders as gender wouldn’t be able to exist without sex. Gender roles, not gender, are what are socially constructed. Gender roles differ between cultures, including how men and women dress, what is considered ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’, activities men and women might do.

Men are better at some things and women are better at others. Why this is suddenly a ‘bad’ thing and ‘sexist’, I don’t know. Men are physically stronger than women; women give birth so naturally have a maternal, more nurturing instinct. This isn’t ‘new’ or socially constructed; it’s apparent in animals.
Behaving in a feminine way or a masculine way DOES NOT mean that your gender has changed. A man with long hair is not suddenly a woman. ‘Gender fluidity’ is bullshit. FUCKING BULLSHIT.

Prince, one of my favourite musical artists, was an androgynous man. So was David Bowie. Guess what? They were still men, with dicks. When you’re born, the doctor looks at your genitals to determine your gender. This isn’t ‘oppression’ or putting people into boxes, it’s how it has been since the beginning of time. When you see a person you don’t know, the first thing you notice is their gender. Are they a guy or a girl? (Ok sometimes you can’t tell, but most of the time it’s pretty obvious.) You notice their gender, maybe their age, their skin tone, what clothes they’re wearing. Then you get to know them for the person they are, their character, their likes and their dislikes, their sexuality, but that all comes afterwards.

 I think that when people try to complicate things and say that there are ‘non binary’ genders and what not, they are buying into this Tumblr bullshit. Most kids who say that they’re ‘genderqueer’ or ‘pangender’ or ‘demigirl’ are just bored and looking for attention because they have nothing to do with their lame lives. On the subject of transgender people, ‘transgender’ is not a gender. (I have
nothing against trans people by the way, just to clear that up). Less than 1% of people are trans, and they are born with gender dysphoria, a medical condition which is due to a hormonal imbalance in which they don’t feel as if they are the gender they were born into at birth. AND DOESN’T THAT VERY FACT FUCKING PROVE THAT GENDER IS BIOLOGICAL?! If gender was all a social construct then trans people wouldn’t exist in the first place! For Gods’ sake you can only transition from male to female or female to male. They have to undergo surgery. As for intersex, hermaphrodites, Tuner Syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome – these are not new genders, they are birth defects. People born with these syndromes as well as gender dysphoria have not stumbled upon a made up 'third' gender, they have a clinical problem that can be treated. Click here for Blaire White's video on gender

You can’t choose your gender any more than you can choose your sexuality (and I believe that sexuality is determined at birth, not a choice - like gender). Classification is not ‘wrong’, it’s how humans function and survive and judge each other – not necessarily in a bad way but in a pragmatic, descriptive way. Thankfully, the majority of the world don’t think too much about this, and just go on the fact that there are men and there are women.

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