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Saturday, 25 March 2017

I'm done with feminism

I don’t need feminism because:

I don’t view all men as ‘inherently misogynistic.’ Men are not bad, women are not wonderful, there are just good people and bad people and good and bad in all of us. (Important note: the current feminist movement is very divided and plenty of feminists don't hate men and do respect them, however plenty are misdandric hence the #killallmen hashtag.)

Two of the greatest people in my life are men – my dad and my brother.

I have never felt ‘oppressed’ or victimised and unable to do something because I’m a woman. I love being female and telling girls they’re oppressed victims is not empowering at all.

The current feminist movement has become so ridiculous that it’s made me embarrassed to ever self-identify with the word at all. Look at the site 'Everyday Feminism' for examples and you'll cringe.

Lad mags, page 3 and stripping are not oppression – the women chose to do that. Plus feminism should allow all women to do and be who we want, not bad mouth housewives and prostitutes and call them ‘oppressed.’

I don’t view having doors held open for me, compliments, a guy offering to pay or any of that stuff as ‘oppressive’, I view it as polite and chivalrous.

I don’t really give a fuck if more men than women are engineers than doctors or vice versa; I just want to see a doctor who’s doing their job. Why can’t people just pursue what they want? What does it matter if more men than women pursue STEM subjects? And what about the incredibly talented female guitarists, drummers and bassists?

The wage gap is a myth because it does not take into account other variables such as type of job, hours worked, sick days and time off. Plus if it were real then wouldn’t everyone employ women
seeing as women can get ‘paid less’? (Plus it’s actually illegal to pay women less than men under the Equal Pay Act).

Rape is terrible but feminism is not going to solve it, nor will it solve any crime. (And saying we live in a ‘rape culture’ is ridiculous. Rape happens everywhere and has been happening since the beginning of time, just like other crimes.) Plus men are more likely to be murdered (and commit murders, respectably) than women so the streets at night are pretty unsafe for everyone. Take precautions; don’t rely on feminism.

The movement once stood for noble and necessary causes but it has never been about equal rights; it’s only ever concerned women’s rights. Feminism is not about equality – that’s egalitarianism. Feminism has only ever been about women’s rights and focused on women’s issues. It claims to advocate equality by only focusing on the issues of one of the genders.

Cat calling is rude but it’s not oppression, and feminism is not going to stop people from being cunts. Men check out women but women also check out men (it’s called being human). My brother gets pissed off at the amount of times I say x guy and y guy is ‘OMG SO HOT!’ When I saw Eclipse in the cinema years ago every girl cheered as Taylor Lautner pulled off his shirt.

Slut shaming is awful but what’s worse is mostly women judge each other for sleeping around or wearing certain clothing. Back in school it was the girls telling other girls to pull down their skirts. If you want to be promiscuous go ahead; personally I have no problem with how much or little (consensual) sex people have. BUT remember that some people are just judgemental and that’s a sad reality of life. Some of them are even feminists – isn’t Beyoncé criticised by some feminists for wearing revealing clothing?

There’s nothing wrong with Lara Croft or any other female character having a nice body and looking hot. A friend of mine is a gamer and she said Lara Croft is badass and it’s stupid to say she’s ‘sexualised’ for having big boobs. So, she has a nice body. So what? People play games to play games, not to wank. They might spend a few seconds admiring how fine she is and then get on with the game. Making her attractive is not a bad thing, and it doesn’t overshadow all the other elements of her character. Click here to see Anita Sarkessian bitching about sexism in games.

Western feminists  want to complain about non-existent problems here like sexist air conditioningand the word bossy, but are quick to defend Islam and call it the most ‘feminist' religion. A religion which literally says it’s acceptable for a husband to beat up or rape his wife and that women only inherit half of what men do.

Feminism is not going to keep me sober, stop me from having panic attacks or feeling depressed; help me sleep, or save my life in any way. It once helped millions of women achieve civil rights, but the world we live in now is very different from 1963 and anyone who thinks otherwise is being ignorant. Our world is not perfect, but how can anyone say ‘nothing has changed!’ (Feminism actually helped achieve that change).

A British Hollywood actress wants to talk about nowhere in the world having achieved gender equality then collects her multi-million pound pay cheque, is made a UN Goodwill Ambassador, and played a brilliant and inspiring character who certainly was not oppressed for being female. In fact, there was nothing ‘oppressed’ about Hermione – she’s smart, driven and feisty, and to be honest more brilliant than Harry and Ron – both of whom are in awe of her.

Apparently there aren’t enough women in leading roles in film and TV; See favourite females in film and TV. There are plenty of women in top roles, and if there are more men then that is probably because the films are written by men. But there is nothing stopping women (or men) from writing us into top roles.

If women are so oppressed, why were thousands of women all over the world able to participate in the women’s march in order to stand up for female rights?

And that is why I believe we no longer need feminism.


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