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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Roosh V is an idiot

Radical misandric feminists rant about how much they hate men and how men suck and men are pigs. They will not welcome any kind of man into their life, even one who is kind and caring.
Of course not all men are pigs. Most men are complex, at their core compassionate, and diverse beings, just like women. (Cos we all humans). But there is a man who does represent misogyny, who is an evil scumbag, the lowest of the low, as shit as they come. This man is as crap as those misandric feminists who bullshit men as if they’re worthless creatures lower than dog shit. This man is Roosh V. 

For those of you who haven’t heard of Roosh V, boy are you in for a treat. He is an American blogger who gives sex and dating advice on how to pick up women. Sounds harmless right? He also advocates a return to ‘traditional’ values, of men upholding masculinity and women upholding femininity.

It all sounds like something that could be put forward in a fair and rational way right? He’s just some traditionalist who wants men to be all ‘manly’? Haha. Think again. In Roosh’s post ‘How to stop rape’ he begins by discussing the problem of rape and the problem of this ‘teach boys not to rape’ jargon that feminists claim. Which I also agree is a silly presumption, since most boys don’t actively wish to rape any women.
His claim here is that if rape becomes legal, women will be more cautious and less likely to put themselves in situations where a man can rape them.

The absurdity of his proposal is so vast (and I’ve actually seen him say this on TV), that you would think he is completely taking the piss. He did later say that this post was supposed to be satire, but I feel like that was just a cover up after the backlash. Why would you write a post like that in the first place? To stop rape, let’s make it legal so women can look after themselves better (cos obviously if you get raped it’s your own fault). To stop murder, it’s simple – don’t put yourself in a situation where you can get murdered! YAY! Don’t cross the roads in case you get hit by a car! Don’t go to the shop in case you get stabbed on the way! As a matter of fact, don’t ever leave your house. That way you’ll be safe for sure.

Unfortunately it gets worse. All over his blog and his YouTube videos, he speaks of women as if they are literally objects only to please men. You want to see an example of so-called ‘objectification’? Click here for post 'sexual objectification?'

Roosh is only interested in women’s looks and ability to please him sexually. He has no interest in a woman’s opinions, nor believes that she deserves any kind of respect as a person. He believes
American women are no longer ‘proper’ women due to feminism; that liberation has ruined how a woman ‘should’ be. All Roosh cares about is using women as something for him to have sex with and obeying his every order. He has written books on girls he has fucked in every single country like it’s some sort of status symbol. He believes women need to constantly look and dress a certain way in order to appear desirable (or ‘fuckable’). He claims that all women secretly love being narcissistic, bitchy, attention whores; using and exploiting men for what they can get. He believes that the three purposes of women are pro-creating, home making, and child rearing. He doesn’t even think young women should be in education because they’re in their ‘fertile prime’ and are wasting their time studying when they should be thinking about having children.

Roosh V does not care about women. I don’t even think his main agenda is about sex. Plenty of ‘player’ type men still care about women as people and eventually get married. Being a player is not a bad thing - it just means you're a guy who enjoys getting around - and doesn’t automatically make you a horrible woman-hater long as you don't abuse or mistreat the women you screw. But Roosh has nothing positive to say about women if it doesn’t account to them behaving in a way that he sees as well-behaved (example; it’s wrong for a woman to tell him that he ‘should’ do something in any context whatsoever. I mean any context. As simple as ‘I’m tired’ ‘you should go to sleep.’)

All Roosh cares about is his ego. Ego and squandering women because some girls rejected him back in school and he cried to his mummy and she whacked him round the face and told him to man up. He is a sad, pathetic, horrible little man whose only supporters are misogynists like him who don’t view women as equal or desperate men who sadly think a piece of shit like this are their ticket to getting a woman. (If you’re a good, empathetic man ignore anything this twat says). No decent self-respecting woman is going to ever marry a man like Roosh. The girls he gets with are probably extremely insecure, stupid or easily manipulated. This is an extremely sexist, one-sided man who is as bad as the radical feminists he hates so much. ‘EVERYTHING IS THE FAULT OF WOMEN!’ ‘EVERYTHING IS THE FAULT OF MEN!’

Unfortunately, I can see why a man like Roosh V or this new wave ‘men’s rights activism’ and ‘the
manosphere’ and ‘masculinism’ has all appeared from. What this is is backlash against the unfair stance of modern feminists. I’m not talking about all feminists, as there are plenty who just want men and women to be equal. I’m talking about the ones that sadly get the most media attention. The ones that make men feel irrelevant and emasculated; the ones that think any kind of sex is rape (even giving birth; look up ‘birth rape’). The ones that treat a guy that cat-calls women as worse than satan. Yes, cat-calling is rude and annoying, but it shouldn’t be a crime. It is something that can easily be ignored by women, and something that decent men won’t take part in anyway. Only men who don’t respect women will yell out annoying comments in the street. (For Gods’ sake I’m wearing jeans and a giant coat; do I look like I’m looking for attention?) And in this country it isn’t even that bad; you go to countries like Italy or Kenya and the harassment there is unbelievable. But the women there aren’t moping about it and playing the victim card. Click here for post on feminism

This masculinism thing is simply a backlash against feminism. Because of the radical stance of third/fourth wave feminism that is trying to create problems that aren’t really there, people like Roosh V are springing up. Men aren’t just going to sit back and ignore it; now they’re starting groups of their own. No one needs to be a feminist anymore or this absurd nonsense ‘masculinist’. We can’t have gender equality by just looking at one side of the coin. Both sides have become far too extreme, an extreme and unnecessary battle of the sexes in which men like Roosh V and women like Anita Sarkeesian just bash and scream at each other and manipulate their audiences for their own personal gain. And as we know, the extreme ones in any kind of movement are the ones that get the most attention because they’re the ones that shout the loudest. Screw these people trying to divide us and split men and women apart. Men and women need each other in order to keep the human race going, and are perfectly capable of getting along and being friends. (The fact that I have to say this is worrying.)

Treat everyone like a human being, regardless of whether they’re a man or a woman. We need to coexist peacefully together, not try to tear each other apart. See previous post: Counter Culture vs SJWs 


  1. Thoroughly agreed with your post. I have read a dozen of his blog posts and boy the way he thrashes and bashes women is quite unacceptable.

  2. Roosh has a strange idea of what it means to be a man, and it’s not just having a Y-chromosome and being at least 18 years of age. He’s one of those insecure morons who thinks you’re not a “real man” if you’re not rolling your train into and out of a lot of tunnels.


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