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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Should white people be allowed to say nigger?

I’m not gonna try be all PC and say ‘N Word.’ Just like I wouldn’t say F-Word or B-Word. (For
argument’s sake I’m not white). I’m not currently using the word nigger in a rude or derogatory context. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a non-black person saying ‘Back in the day black people were often described as niggers’ or ‘I don’t like the usage of the word nigger.’ If you’re black and you have white friends who greet you as ‘my nigger’ or ‘ma nigga’ then whether that annoys you or not is between you and your friends. Personally I try to avoid usage of the word nigger nowadays because of the negative connotations that used to be associated with it. Nigger was a horrible term and there are some racist white people who still use the word nigger in a racist and disgusting context. That is clearly not alright. Most people are not racist and most non-racist white people generally don’t use the word nigger, even when explaining something, they say ‘N Word.’ I think this is unnecessary; we evoke meanings onto words, and using a word in a descriptive or non-prejudiced context is fine.

What about white rappers? Eminem has used the word nigger in his raps before. Again, it is about context. Eminem is not a racist so the context in which he uses the word ‘nigger’ or ‘nigga’ is down to him and whether or not his music team think that it is appropriate. Again because of the negative past usage of the word nigger, I think it is an unnecessary word to use, even in an endearing way. There are many ways in which you can greet a friend or describe someone in a rap song without having to use the word ‘nigger’ or ‘nigga.’ But if you’re black and your white friends call you nigger/nigga in a jokey way and you’re cool with it then that’s between you and your friends. Overall I don’t think we can censor people from speaking in certain ways, as long as usage of such terms are not being used in a racist or derogatory manner. I call my gay friend fag; he frequently calls me bitch. Neither of us bat an eyelid.


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