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Friday, 28 April 2017

15 Favourite Males in Film and TV

Seeing as I did a list of my favourite leading ladies in film and TV, here are 15 of my favourite male characters. See also: AMC Greatest Male Movie Characters

Axel Foley. He’s funny, he’s badass and he has the best theme song ever. How can anyone not love Axel Foley? (And Eddie Murphy, of course). He kicks ass, takes out the scary British guy (why they always British? Do Americans hate us Brits?) and still manages to crack jokes along the way.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Why Laci Green is a Feminist - Response

I like Laci Green. I like the fact that she’s done lots of videos on body positivity and sexuality. I’m sure she’s a really nice girl and is just trying to do a good thing for the world. I’m aware that she’s not a man-hater, and does generally believe in equality. A couple years ago when I watched her video explaining 50 reasons why she’s a feminist I thought AWESOME! However, now I’m going to re-assess these. Laci represents the opinion of many feminists, not just herself, so I’m going to go through her reasons.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

What depression feels like

Depression is a common medical condition that seems to have hit a peak in our current digital age. There are different types of depression; unipolar depression, dysthmia, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder; postnatal depression. Depression and anxiety can be classed as mild, moderate or severe. In my experience my depression has mainly been moderate, as it has never reached a stage where I haven’t been able to do anything but lie in bed for months and barely leave my house. I could be classed as a ‘high functioning depressive’ in the same way I would have been classed a year ago as a ‘high functioning alcoholic.’

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Black people, stereotypes, and the race card

Darkskinned women
aren't attractive yeah...
Black people don’t all like chicken; people who like chicken like chicken. There are white girls that have big butts and are great dancers. Plenty of girls are shit at cooking and plenty of guys aren’t into Football or any sport. Being a gay man doesn’t make you feminine or flamboyant; being a lesbian doesn’t mean you’re butch. Blonde hair has fuck all to do with intelligence, and no one has a soul not just ginger haired people because souls aren’t a literal thing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not in the shade of a light skinned black person. You’re good with numbers because you’re good with numbers, not because your parents are Chinese. Likewise you have bad punctuality because you have bad punctuality, not because of your darker skin tone.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Science, Religion, Spirituality

Science. Everything is material and comes from the natural, physical world. The world can be understood through the natural and social sciences. The universe came to be through the Big Bang explosion, and human beings evolved from primates. When we die our body decays. Spirits, Gods, demons, afterlife, astrology, souls and other unproven concepts are non-existent. Stuff can only be plausible through research. To treat illnesses, medicine and therapy can be used.

Religion. One supreme God created everything; the universe and every single human being within it. Different morals must be followed in order to go to Heaven in the afterlife; if these morals are not followed correctly than you will go to Hell to be with Satan for all of eternity. Illnesses can be treated through the power of prayer and belief, and through asking God for forgiveness. Clairvoyance, tarot cards, witchcraft and other forms of divination are all of the Devil’s making.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

All About Hair

One of my worst childhood memories is my mum brushing my hair. Anyone with thick, curly hair knows about the horrors of brushing. Mum pulling and tugging and making you cry as she rips through your skull.  It was a major relief when I got to my teens and began to brush my hair myself. (Plus my mum, bless her, is Asian, so she doesn't REALLY know how to manage hair like mine).