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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Black people, stereotypes, and the race card

Darkskinned women
aren't attractive yeah...
Black people don’t all like chicken; people who like chicken like chicken. There are white girls that have big butts and are great dancers. Plenty of girls are shit at cooking and plenty of guys aren’t into Football or any sport. Being a gay man doesn’t make you feminine or flamboyant; being a lesbian doesn’t mean you’re butch. Blonde hair has fuck all to do with intelligence, and no one has a soul not just ginger haired people because souls aren’t a literal thing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not in the shade of a light skinned black person. You’re good with numbers because you’re good with numbers, not because your parents are Chinese. Likewise you have bad punctuality because you have bad punctuality, not because of your darker skin tone.

Usain Bolt; athlete
There is nothing wrong with making jokes about people or using satirical humour. It’s when people start to believe that these superficial differences are fact and that they say how people truly are, rather than realising that we’re all just unique individuals and can only be judged accordingly. Ever noticed how when you hang out with black people or mixed raced people, they’ll bring everything back to their skin colour? They were late cos they’re black; they want chicken cos they’re black, the queue’s too long cos they’re black. And they do it referring to white people too! Ooh, how white people are sooo evil. ‘White people talking about white people stuff!’ OH MAN, THE WHITE MAN IS SO EVIL! EVERYTHING IS THE FAULT OF THE WHITE MAN!

The truth of the current world is; black people are the ones obsessed with ‘race’, not white people. Black people cry racism. Black people started black lives matter. Black people have to point out skin tone. Black people don’t want to be colour-blind. Even I’m contributing to this stereotype as a black person talking about other black people. Of course there are racist white people in the world, just as there are racist black people, racist asian people, racist latinos, etc. But most people are not racist. There is no ‘systematic’ racism anymore that deliberately puts down black people in Western countries. If there was, why would there be black people in politics, sports, entertainment, academia and the like? There is nothing stopping anyone from pursuing what they want. Plenty of white people are poor living on an estate with their alcoholic mum, deadbeat abusive stepdad and five half siblings.
Angela Davis; civil rights activist

Even my dad, who is a very wise intelligent man whom I have a lot of respect for, occasionally comes out with dumb shit like this: ‘lightskinned black men can relate to other lightskinned black men. Just like you can relate to other mixed raced people.’ Yeah, no. I relate to other alcoholics; musicians, intellectuals, depressives, writers, youtubers, bloggers. I relate to people based on who they are as people, not based on superficial irrelevant nonsense like what colour their skin is. I mean what the fuck? It’s like believing in Astrology and thinking that all people in the entire world in the history of humankind born at a certain time of year have similar personality characteristics. (I used to believe in Astrology and it is pretty interesting, but it’s hardly factual).
Tyra Banks; model and businesswoman

Miles Davis; jazz musician

I don’t really give a shit if you’re brown or purple; you’re the one who gives a shit not me. ‘Black people’ have about as much stuff in common as brown-eyed people. If you want to help the causes of black people, bring out the achievements of black people, not the downfalls. The great African empires, the jazz and blues music that has inspired so many other musical genres, the noble black people that fought for civil know? All this whinging and whining about oppression isn’t helping. Stop crying about how the world hates you because you’re black (unless your family is being attacked by the KKK), and make a contribution to this world that we all share, as equals.

Until the colour of a man’s skin, is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, me say war.
- Bob Marley

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