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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Why Laci Green is a Feminist - Response

I like Laci Green. I like the fact that she’s done lots of videos on body positivity and sexuality. I’m sure she’s a really nice girl and is just trying to do a good thing for the world. I’m aware that she’s not a man-hater, and does generally believe in equality. A couple years ago when I watched her video explaining 50 reasons why she’s a feminist I thought AWESOME! However, now I’m going to re-assess these. Laci represents the opinion of many feminists, not just herself, so I’m going to go through her reasons.

Laci: I’m a feminist because:

Girls are taught in public school that when they’ll have sex they’ll ‘lose’ a part of themselves.
I agree; our society is still very sex-negative about female sexuality and that your virginity is some massive sacred thing that needs to be ‘saved’ for the right guy. However, it is mostly girls judging other girls on their sex lives.

Girls who have lots of sex are sluts; guys are studs.
Again, I agree that slut shaming is foolish, but we are all judgemental without realising and it is more often women judging other women. Humans are judgemental of each other and can’t really do anything without being judged – best thing to do is not give a fuck and live your life.

I was told the first time I had sex will be painful and bloody.
The first time I had sex was painful and bloody; just like it is for most girls. Don’t see what that has to do with sexism.

One in four women get sexually assaulted and society asks ‘what was she wearing’.
Most people are sympathetic to those who get raped and don’t blame a person for getting raped; if they do they’re clearly a heartless cunt. The term ‘sexual assault’ is so loosely defined by feminism that I’m not sure how valid that statistic is.

Male victims of rape aren’t believed because guys ‘always want sex.’
*Sigh* feminism is about women’s rights, not men’s rights. Rape of men and women is an issue, period, not a ‘feminist’ issue.

Cat-calling and street harassment.
Cat-calling is rude but feminism isn’t going to stop people from being rude. A rapist and a cat-caller are not going to give a shit about feminism.

My first boyfriend sexually assaulted me, and when I went to my friends for help they called me a slut.
Again; women on women hate. So much for sisterhood. (I think that’s awful by the way, sorry for anyone who’s ever experienced that).

When I speak at universities about consent, some people in the audience laugh.
Humans can be immature and retarded. As mentioned, feminism isn’t going to stop people from being idiots.

Boobs are used to sell everything, but it’s bad to breast-feed in public.
I have no problem with public breast-feeding, and agree that our society over-sexualises women’s bodies in the media. However, it also over-sexualises men’s bodies:
Women aren’t the only ones being ‘objectified’; watch any perfume advert.

Cos my hairy armpits shock people.
Armpit hair is gross, sorry. I get grossed out by my brother’s armpit hair. But real talk, if you don't want to shave your armpits that's your choice and you shouldn't give a fuck what people think.

We put so much pressure on girls to value their appearance over everything else.
No, girls put pressure on themselves to value their appearance. Girls are the ones who consume beauty products, go to get waxed, get their eyebrows threaded, nails done, and judge each other on how we look. And what’s wrong with wanting to look good? Most women want to look good. How is that a bad thing?

Our society considers it ‘normal’ to cut off part of an infant’s penis.
And what has feminism got to do with male circumcision???? If you were talking about female circumcision that point would make more sense...

Male orgasm in a movie is rated PG-13, whilst female orgasm is rated R.
Who cares? Most films that feature sexual content are rated 15 and above anyway (maybe it’s different in America considering she’s an American YouTuber). If you want to see women enjoying lots of orgasms watch porn. Type ‘female friendly porn’ into Google and that should satisfy you.

In 2013 there were over 700 bills about regulating a woman’s body, but none for men.
I’m not American, but I am aware that there is a large Republican body in the American Congress, and Republicans are generally anti-abortion and anti-women’s contraceptive rights. I'm pro-choice so I view this as negative and backward. However, women are the ones that give birth and menstruate so it would make more sense for there to be more discussion over female bodily regulations where birth control and contraception are concerned.

The political body making decisions about my body is 80% male.
It’s been over a hundred years since women got the vote...why not vote in a woman for president? In the UK we’ve had two! However, if men have historically had more political power, it will take more time for women to gain the same level of political power as men. (Also lots of countries such as India, Australia and Germany have had female presidents/prime ministers/chancellors).

Men occupy the top ranks of every industry in the world.
HAHA YOU JUST CONTRADICTED THE WAGE GAP! Can’t people just do whatever profession they want? Men have more testosterone in them and from a biological perspective are naturally programmed to be providers, but there’s nothing stopping women (in the West) from pursuing whatever job we want nowadays.

Erm...same as above? Pursue what you want? Maybe there’s a reason men are pursuing certain jobs more than women and vice versa? Maybe it’s because we’re naturally inclined towards certain things?

When I took on a leadership role I was called ‘bossy.’
Maybe you were being bossy? Bossy is fricken adjective, I really dunno why some feminists are getting so pissy about it. Men can be bossy, women can be bossy; I had a major crush on this dickhead in primary school who was a bossy little cunt.

The pay gap....
Isn’t real. You already said men do more high paying jobs. Where’s your common sense woman?

In my first job my less-qualified co-worker was making twice as much as me.
Maybe he was doing a better job? And you do realise that if women were automatically allowed to be paid less, everyone would employ women right??? Basic capitalist economics.

Women are my competition, destroying some of my friendships.
There we go again, women hating each’re probably just hanging with the wrong bitches. Find some new less superficial friends hun. (Hint: watch Sex and the City, Aquamarine or Frozen to see real female companionship).

Gender roles.
Why do you give a shit? Just be yourself; no one is telling you what you can and can’t do cos you’re a man or woman; we’ve kinda moved away from that way of thinking now. Gender roles are socially constructed but there is biological weighting behind why men and women are better at different things, like why men are (physically) stronger and women are more nurturing.

In school my friend got called a pussy and it tore him up for weeks.
Dude needs to grow some thick skin...I got handed a note saying ‘Zarina is a bitch’ when I was eleven. People are cunts, sadly. But you get over it.

Boys are shamed for being emotional because womanhood is ‘weak.’
Ok, tell me this; do you seriously want a sissy boyfriend who freaks out when he sees a spider and can’t open a jar and is too scared to walk you home in the dark? But in all seriousness, people should be allowed to show whatever level of emotion that they want to, whether they’re male or female. Maybe men just naturally close off more whereas women are better at caring and comforting each other. So what? And of course women aren't weak; I know plenty of strong women such as my mum and my AA sponsor. Only actual misogynists like Roosh V think womanhood equates to being weak. (Being empathetic and caring is a sign of emotional strength).

My father never once did laundry, made the dinner or cleaned the house.
I’m guessing that was back in the 1980/90s? Times have changed my dear.

And my grandma told me I was ‘out of my damn mind’.
You are aware of context right? People thought differently back then. Your grandma was from a different time period. Back then, society was actually patriarchal! That’s why the feminist movement was a very necessary thing – back then! All the things you’re moping about now (and not just Laci; feminists in general) are not going to be solved by feminism.

People say asexual, bisexual and transsexual folk don’t exist.
That’s got fuck all to do with feminism...

Same-sex marriage is a no-brainer.

Certain American states say it’s legal to discriminate against someone who’s transgender.
Ok seriously, the LGBT movement and the Feminist movement are not the same thing. Stop bringing up stuff that’s irrelevant. Or better yet, just call yourself an egalitarian. Makes life easier.

Women of colour hardly have their stories told on screen.
Watch more Bollywood films then...or Nollywood...and you do realise America is mostly made up of white people so obviously most Hollywood actors are going to be white? You don’t see me bitching about how there aren’t any white people in Bollywood films.

I believe the world should be safe for girls, everywhere.
So do I; and I also believe it should be safe for boys. BUT THERE ARE PSYCHOS OUT THERE; WE’RE NOT GONNA LIVE IN A UTOPIA ANY TIME SOON.

Half the girls in Yemen will become child brides.
Finally, something relevant. How about you lot do something about that rather than bitch about the word bossy?

65% of Brazilians believe that a girl who dresses in revealing clothes deserves to be raped.
I’m sure that’s not true, and if it is then 65% of Brazilians are cunts.

In Saudi Arabia, women still can’t vote or drive.
Take your fricken movement to SA then where it’s needed!!! Jeez!!!

Women get raped in wars.
Yes, rape is a sad fact of life, but it’s not going to go away just because feminism says so.

When I get pissed off at injustice I’m just another ‘angry feminist who’s on her period.’
Girl, people are just taking the piss. Yes, people do that because people are strange, when you're a stranger...

There are people who would take these words more seriously if they were coming out of a man’s mouth.
Nah, not really. In fact male feminists probably get more shit from other men.

I believe in gender equality.
Me’s called egalitarianism...

So that was a lame list of reasons to be a feminist. A few of these issues are relevant, but feminism is not the answer. It can't be about gender equality when it only focuses on issues concerning one of the genders. Can we just throw all these words under the towel and say we’re all universal humanist egalitarians or something?

Another one of her vids on feminism:

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