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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Sad Childhood Poems

Some pretty sad poems I wrote when I was ten.

Why does everyone hate me so?

Why does everyone hate me so,
makes me very sad.
Everywhere I go, I find people who
drive me crazy, drive me mad.

No where is peaceful,
full of kind people.
All day I'm
full of doom and gloom.

School is useless,
I may have a nice day.
But in butt bloody idiots
Who don't let me have my say!

I always feel like crying
but people's eyes are prying
I hope if they read this poem
they'll realise what's up with me!

12th December 2007

Red Hot Anger!

I sit around, sulking
even though it's a sunny day.
All the children have gone home
there's no one left to play.

I'm really, really bored
feeling angry, nothing to do
Everyone's ignoring me
even if I suddenly poo.

I look forward to the day
when Zarina-me dies
and everyone making my life a misery
bitterly cries.

13th June 2007


So sad was what happened to Sam,
it's nothing to do with a ram.
He sadly died,
we cried and cried,
staring at the last of his ham.

16th June 2007

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