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Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Manchester Attack: Here we go again?

This post is not intended as an attack on those that identify as Muslim, or of any other religion. I am explicitly disagreeing with the ideology of Islam and members of Islamic Terrorist groups. I have no issue with peaceful followers of Islam. 

You turn on the telly and every other story is tellin’ you somebody died
- Prince, Sign o The Times

What happened days ago in Manchester was horrific. The fact that people were shot and murdered at a place of joy is disgusting. No one should be scared for their lives whilst at a concert. Music is supposed to be about entertainment and bringing people together, not fear and trauma.

But sadly it is no longer surprising. The attacks that happened at Manchester did not come as a shock to me any more than the attacks in London or Paris did. In the past week a suicide bomber killed eighteen in Afghanistan; Islamic gunmen massacred twenty eight in Egypt, nine Christians were shot to death in the Philippines, twenty three including women and children were killed in Iraq, three guards were killed in Indonesia, and five people were exterminated by a suicide bomber in Somalia. Not to mention the twenty two that were killed at the Manchester concert. Source:

And that is the real horror story. The fact that when I turn on the news or scroll down my Facebook feed, and see that innocent people lost their lives, I feel apathetic. Death has always been something that makes me feel nothing. It is the only absolute thing in life, the one thing we can be certain of. But to become so desensitized to such horror scares me. The fact that we are now living in a world where they could be a terror attack in Berlin tomorrow and it wouldn’t be surprising is beyond disconcerting.

Every week all over the world people are being killed at the hands of ISIS and the barbaric ideology of Islam. Feeling empathy for those that die is one thing, but it is not enough. The only way that these attacks will stop is if the root problem is tackled. Every day people die, and a lot of the time there is nothing to be done about it because death is a natural part of life. But this is murder, not 'natural.' This is a problem that can be resolved. I am fed up of people saying how horrific these incidents are, and then trying to defend Islam as a ‘peaceful religion.’ It is not. A peaceful ideology (and it is an ideology in the same way that feminism, communism and Nazism are) would not condone the killings of non-Muslim children. Although there are peaceful followers of Islam, there are also non-peaceful ones that follow it down to a fine point.

It is all very well to say ‘Pray for Manchester’ and ‘Pray for Paris’ and ‘Pray for London’, but prayer will not change what happened. Prayer will not bring back the innocent children who died at the hands of these cruel sociopaths. Prayer will not change the fact that Islam is an ideology that cannot coincide with the Western world. We cannot be blinded by our feelings. It is time to face reality. Week after week people are being slaughtered. How many more must die? How long until everyone feels apathetic and brushes it off as something we must live with? How long until Islamic Terrorism is just something we have to ‘accept’?

We don’t have to accept this. We can fight against this. People hate Trump so much, but Trump is the only one trying to deal with this horrendous evil. We are living in a world where Islamic Terror is a threat to all of us. A threat to those we love and care for. A threat that can strike anyone at any time.

It is also no surprise that when something happens in the West it is national news. Terror attacks are happening everywhere but needless to say get less media coverage because they’re in ‘underdeveloped countries.’ The ebola outbreak was an example of this; it had been hitting those in Africa for months, but as soon as it hit Spain it became a ‘serious problem.’ No one is praying for those poor children that are being bombed and hunted down in Syria or Afghanistan. They don’t have anyone to pray for them because their families are probably dead.

Unless the root cause is tackled, the problem will never go away. All it will do is continue to get worse.


  1. what do you think is the best way to combat terror? Are there any viable solutions?

    1. Hmm, I think right now considering the case of Islamic terror the best thing to do would be for the good non-violent Muslims to reform the Quran and really take a look at the violent and dangerous verses within it. Check out my other post on Islam that explains this more :
      Unfortunately it is very unlikely that they will do that. As a whole terrorism is not a religious issue, it is something humans have been doing for centuries. But right now the terrorism that has been happening for years and destroying innocent lives is deeply connected to and intertwined with Islamic Law. This is why it's so powerful and dangerous; people are so afraid of being 'islamophobic' that they won't speak out against a harmful and fascistic ideology. They would rather protect people's feelings than look at the facts.
      Other than that I am not sure. ISIS need to be dealt with head on, and the best way is for the non-violent muslims or apostates to take a look at the book they are following and see what's wrong with that ideology. The ideology they follow combined with mental health disorders/drug usage of those who follow it are causing them to carry out these awful attacks.


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