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Saturday, 17 June 2017

If God Existed...

  • There would be plausible evidence determining his/her/its existence.
  • There wouldn’t be thousands upon thousands of different Gods and religions that have been invented since humans came to emerge. (Such as Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu, Ra, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Anu.)
  • Atheists wouldn’t exist.
  • Darwin wouldn’t have been able to come up with the theory of evolution determining that humans evolved through natural selection without interference from a supernatural force.
  • Steven Hawking wouldn’t need to have been working on the basic laws that govern the universe, and have deciphered that due to the universe being infinite, the universes’ beginning was determined by the laws of science.
  • Animals would have their own Gods and religions giving them a similar social order to that of humans in terms of collected shared beliefs that would unite animals that did not know each other of the same species internationally. They would have empires and civilisations just like humans based on the collective imagined social orders of various religions and Gods.
  •  But then that would be impossible, because (again) only one God would equate to religion and alternate Gods not existing.
  • The disproportionate suffering in the world would not be an occurrence.
  • The Earth would not be suffering under the polluted hands of human beings.
  • God would certainly not allow humans to have gotten away with the atrocities we have done over time, from destroying the planet to destroying each other – not to mention wiping out entire species of animals and endangering the rest.
  • And who’s to say God wanted homo sapiens to be the dominant human force? What about the other types of humans that existed before and alongside us, like the Neanderthals and the homo erectus? 

God is an inter-subjective concept created by humans in order to create order and explain things that humans once did not understand. By bringing together humans under the guise of a shared belief in a God or a certain religion, humans were able to cooperate with one another. Typically the elite have been able to exploit these beliefs and use religion as a tool to manipulate and control; Christianity was used as such an instrumental weapon during the slave trade.

It makes me very sad that atheism is still treated with disapproval and seen as a negative thing rather than a positive thing. The need to believe in God is unnecessary if one believes in the natural laws of the universe. We are all part of an ever-expanding universe, having evolved from an ever-evolving species of animals. Humans have achieved great things (and done awful things). Isn’t it about time we got rid of this poncy ‘God’ belief?


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