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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Birth Control?

I’m an addict right? A quick-fix kind of person. I like instant gratification and solutions to problems. If I could take a magic pill that would make me never crave alcohol again, or never feel depressed again, I’d take it.

So yeah, I do like the pill. I take several ‘pills’; contraceptive, antidepressants, Vitamin C, hayfever tablets, zinc tablets if white spots show on my nails, had to take Vitamin D for a while; pills to help with frequent vomiting I had a short while back.

I don’t see the issues with this. If a tablet is going to help I’ll take it. This Summer my hayfever has been at its least worst because I’ve been taking mixed pollen tablets from the health shop. My sleep is better and anxiety and depression has gone down a lot since taking citalopram. Mood is less erratic and anger has decreased. Maybe part of it is psychological, but I have no issue with that either.

I started my period at 14. When I saw the blood on my knickers I cheered and thought finally. Plenty of girls in my year started aged 11-13. Periods are a rite of passage for girls, something that makes you feel left out and babyish if you haven’t yet started it.

Aged 14-18 I had no ‘regular’ cycle. I don’t recall my periods ever being regular. I often skipped a
month; several months before I went on the pill I was missing two months at a time. At this point in my life I was experiencing horrific spouts of depression, anxiety and stress, and towards the end of it chronic drinking. I would try to predict them and always missed by a week or two. I would wake up in the mornings and see blood on my sheets and moan to my mum who would calmly help me clean them up. (Thank God for my mum; she got me through those early periods of, erm, periods.)

It never occurred to me to go on the combined contraceptive pill. I didn’t become sexually active till I was eighteen, and I didn’t know you could take the pill for irregular periods. I used to vomit a lot as well; in 2012 I remember vomiting every few months and was prescribed Gaviscon. It was all related to stress, misery, frustration; I didn’t think there was anything I could do about it.

I fucking love the pill. I’ve been on it for just over a year and it works like a charm. For the first time since starting I actually know roughly when I’ll have a period. I can be prepared beforehand. I don’t wake up to bloody sheets. And...dare I say...bareback. There are girls who find condoms just as annoying as guys do. Skin-to-skin, baby. (Unless you’re hooking up with a stranger, in which case you should definitely make sure the dude has one, and have some yourself if you regularly hook up with guys).

To me, the birth control pill is wonderful; prevents pregnancy AND regulates periods, not to mention makes them last 2-3 days as opposed to 5-8 AND they’re lighter! Granted, not all girls have irregular long-lasting heavy periods. I know many females that don’t like the pill or any kind of contraception, and prefer to just use condoms. (Buuuuh baaaareback is beeeetttter...)

One of the main arguments other than being lazy or forgetting is not wanting to take extra hormones, and disliking the fact that ‘why should all the responsibility be on the woman?!’ I’ll address the second point first which I think is kinda silly. Women give birth. That’s why contraception is aimed at us. We’re the ones that carry the baby for nine months and give birth. That’s pretty much it. If men gave birth, then contraceptive pills and patches and diaphragms would be aimed at them. But they don’t.

Yes, it takes two to tango and two to make a baby. But you didn’t ‘choose’ to be a woman. We could complain about how unfair it is that we have periods and give birth or we could just get on with it. At least we don’t get random public erections. Taking contraception is not stressful, if anything it minimizes stress because yay I’m protected now! No kids for me!

And you’re forgetting the other thing; if a woman doesn’t take contraception and the man uses condoms, all the pressure is on the man. Again, using condoms aren’t a big deal, you didn’t choose to have a dick, you just put it on and get on with it. But either way, someone is going to have to do something, otherwise you’re gonna make a sweet baby. If you want to make a sweet baby that’s great, but if you don’t, then either the man uses jonnys, the woman takes one of the MANY types of available contraception (not just pills) or you both go with it. They’re developing male birth control now anyway, so be fruitful and rejoice. And by the way, you know there are female condoms right? You want your man to stick a rubber round his ding-dong but heaven forbid you’ll want to stick the same thing on you!

The former point I do understand. Inevitably, you’re putting drugs into your body. Stuff that was made in a lab and causes side effects. Lots of people probably aren’t comfortable with that and that is fine. Hormone based contraception affects people differently. Personally I’ve had no issues taking it so far and would probably freak out more if I wasn’t taking the pill. There are none-hormone based contraception like diaphragms, female condoms, an IUD (also known as a coil), a cap. (There's also pulling out, but a) that's no fun, and b) it's not recommended as a reliable method of contraception. Personally I think relying on it alone is playing with fire and shouldn't be advocated when there are plenty of other ways around it).

If you’re a lucky fucker and know exactly when your periods come and when you ovulate, I guess you could just look at your cycle, have sex on the days when you won’t be fruitful and multiply, and don’t do it on the days you will. That’s probably the most ‘natural’ way of doing it, but only works if you have a regular cycle and a good memory.

Drugs affect everyone differently. Some people are against antidepressants. To them I say: don’t take them then. But you can’t tell me not to take them just because they don’t work for you. It’s like telling someone they shouldn’t have an abortion just because you don’t believe in them. If you don’t want to take birth control and are fine using condoms, then good for you. But what people do with their bodies is subjective and inevitably, it’s all about peace of mind. 
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