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Saturday, 15 July 2017

'Fuck' is a beautiful word

Fuck. Cunt. Motherfucking bastard cocksucking twat. Bitch. Wanker. Arsehole faggy nigger cock piss-taking piece of shit.

Words have no inherent meaning; they’re just a series of vowels and consonants strung together. We give words meaning; otherwise we wouldn’t be able to communicate. I don’t believe that there are ‘good’ words and ‘bad’ words. Fuck, cunt and shit are three of my favourite words. I don’t view them as bad, I just view them as words. I like that they can be used in different contexts. Fuck can be used to describe sex; pain, joy, anger, fear, relief and shock. I frequently tell friends to go fuck themselves or piss off; not out of disrespect and anger, but humorously or endearingly. I find this is easier and more common with male friends, as guys tend to take themselves less seriously than girls. But cursing is neither male or female, although some backward fucktards still think it’s ‘unladylike’ to swear. Ladylike to me is nothing more than a stupid regressive Victorian-age term that means fuck all.

I guess the reason some people (particularly older people) dislike cursing is that they’ve been raised to view it as impolite or rude. But again, it’s about perspective, and evoking your own meaning onto words. I have no problem with a non-black person using the word ‘nigger’ as long as they’re using it in an explanatory and non-racist context. Or even a jokey context. Maybe I’m just not super fazed or offended by words.

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