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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Music Makes the World Go Around

I’m a musician, and it is truly one of the most rewarding things to be or do. Playing music and seeing people’s faces light up, feeling your body swing to the beat and singing the hooks and melodies over and over again in your head.

There is nothing like seeing a live musical performance of amazing people playing amazing stuff, or having your earphones to accompany you by your side. Music really is the stuff that brings us all together. I think music is the true opium of the people, and I mean that in a good way. Anywhere you go, any event you go to, there will be music. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, chilling with friends, feeling misery, feeling overjoyed, in movies and TV shows, in adverts, the sound of the birds singing to each other. A world without music would truly not be a world worth living in.

When I bang on the drums it releases a lot of pent up tension in a wonderful rhythmic way. When I strum my guitar I feel incredible, when I put words to music to create a song I feel like I’m releasing things in an artistic way. Being at a live gig with people you care about in an environment where everyone is enjoying themselves is fantastic. Just then, everyone is connected. Being in a club is the same – I feel that when I’m not pissed (well I can’t anymore cos I’m in recovery) and I’m just dancing and enjoying the vibe, it feels so euphoric.

Music truly is one of the greatest highs. It’s a high that beats alcohol or marijuana by a long shot. I’ve always loved dancing and just the release and fun of it, and moving to the beat of whatever song is playing. At a party when a song everyone knows comes on there is nothing so great as to see everyone singing along and everyone enjoying it. Since the beginning of time early humankind have hit things with sticks and sang to their own tune. Out of a bad environment, music is the remedy. The Blues would not have happened without the Slave Trade and the work songs sung by the poor black folk slaving away in the cotton fields.

Music is the stuff that connects us all as humans. Together we find common ground within it and enjoy each other and ourselves. It really is music, not money, that makes the world go around.

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