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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


This is a sarcastic/satirical post, like a lot of the stuff I've written. The overall message is pretty clear: it's who you are inside that matters. 

I love men. I love dick (like any other heterosexual female or homosexual male). I love men's bodies. I love Taylor Lautner and Orlando Bloom and Lucien Laviscount. I'M FUCKING PROUD TO BE STRAIGHT. #straightpride

Yeah, I said it. I'm straight and proud. Were you triggered? Good! (You should be).

I believe that sexuality, gender and ethnicity are not things you can choose. If the most 'special' thing about you is the fact that you're gay, you're probably not very interesting. My gay and bisexual friends don't see themselves as gay and bisexual, they seem themselves as people and their sexuality is just part of them, like being straight is part of me. But it's not a 'defining' part, it's a 'descriptive' part. How you see yourself as a human is so much more than whether you're gay, black or a woman. (Another reason to hate the SJW mentality).

For these reasons, I don't agree with gay pride, black history month or international women's day. I think it's insulting to have a whole month dedicated to things beyond people's control. Ooh, look at me, I'm a black woman. So? Why should I be proud of that? It's not an accomplishment. Here's a clip from Morgan Freeman about black history month:

I'm going to stop calling you a gay white man, and you're going to stop calling me a straight black woman. My name is Zarina. I'm a musician, a writer and a recovering alcoholic. Those three things are far more definitive to me then whether I like dick or pussy.

A video by Hunter Avallone that inspired this:


  1. I am a gay male and portray myself to the world as a human being first, but being gay is a normal part of my nature and part of who I am. Humanity has come to recognize that there is some value to minority groups and often just by being fewer in number they can suffer unfair discrimination, correct? I don't expect the main straight world to cater to my needs in any way other than to be respectful and ensure I have similar rights to them. Gay pride is much different than straight pride for the goal to represent an often discriminated against group. Women fought for their rights to vote etc which is great, but they will never be a minority group. Gays and other minority groups will always still have to make efforts to have the majority groups be sensitive and aware that gays are people of value too. Just my view!

    1. Thanks for your response. As you're probably aware this post is mostly sarcastic; bottom line is gay people should be respected just as much as straight people and viewed as a human first. I understand the historical significance of pride just as I understand the historical significance of the suffagettes, I just don't think they're needed anymore as they have fulfilled their original aim.

  2. This sounds a lot like the Liberalism that I was raised with in the '80's: "Ignore the differences, what makes us the same?" That said, we are a tribal species. Thankfully, we've expanded the definition; my tribe isn't other Canadians, or other straight, white men (mostly English blood), it's other musicians (Cheers, luv!) and other parents of small children.
    I get that it's historically novel for women and minorities to take pride in their identities, but I agree that we're there! We can have the meritocracy, and the exclusions based on gender/race/preferences are fewer and further between than they have ever been!
    The Loony Left are over - playing their hand with the Identity Politics, and it warms my heart to seeing it come back around to"What are you offering the world? "

    1. Well said :) Yes we are tribal, but agreed we should find similarities in stuff that actually matters. (Musicians rock!)
      As for it being 'historically novel for women and minorities to take pride in their identities', that was only during the 1960s-80s liberation time.
      Sadly I don't know if Identity Politics really is over yet.


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