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Monday, 28 August 2017

5 Favourite Characters from Orange is the New Black

Alex. She's hot, feisty, blunt and has a heart of gold. I cheer Ms Vausse on throughout the show. Deep down Alex is a good person and does love Piper, and only named her because she was still angry at Piper for leaving her and breaking her heart. Alex is someone I can relate to; she doesn't really have a 'crew' despite being with Red's 'family.' She's a bit of a lone wolf, who tries to look out for herself and deeply cares for those she loves (in this case, Piper). She has a witty sense of humour and is smart and rational.

Red. Didn't like her at first because of how she treated Piper when she arrived. However, we see Red is tough, caring, motherly loving and kind at heart. I love Red because she's bold and courageous, and also makes me laugh with her quirkiness. She has a strong Russian hardworking spirit and values family. She looks after the women in the prison as if they're her own.

Taystee. What I love about Taystee is she's a good balance of funny and laid back but intelligent and grounded. She tries to do justice for Poussey during the riots, and shows she is a person who sticks to her principles. She's immensely kind and diplomatic, and uses her head to work through situations.

Poussey. A lovely character; what happened to her in the end made me very upset. She's intelligent and reads a lot, which I identify with. Like the others mentioned here she has a heart of gold and good intentions, but also tells it how it is. She's sweet, has a pretty face, but also stands up for herself and lets no one walk all over her.

Nicky. Again, a kind woman who also has a blunt tell-it-how-it-is attitude and isn't afraid to stand on her own two feet. I relate to Nicky from an addict's perspective, and understand her battle with her heroin addiction. She's tough and has awesome crazy hair (like me) and her love for Morello is so touching. I wish her and Morello would stay together; the two are a good example of how 'opposites attract', Nicky being blunt and logical and Morello being sweet and dreamy.

All in all these women are smart, loving, tough and level-headed. They take no shit from anyone and overcome their problems through using their heads and helping others. If you haven't seen 'Orange is the New Black' I highly recommend it; it's a great show about women in a Minimum Security American Prison. The character development is brilliant, the storylines are greatly told, it's funny but also dramatic and emotional, and not too light but not too dark.

Do you enjoy OITNB? Who are some of your favourite characters? Lemme know below!

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