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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Discussing the Charlie Hebdo attacks

This post is not intended as an attack on those that identify as Muslim, or of any other religion. I am explicitly disagreeing with the ideology of Islam and members of Islamic Terrorist groups. I have no issue with peaceful followers of Islam. 

Two years ago there was an attack by Islamic Terrorists at the headquarters of the satirical magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo.’ The attack happened because some satirical cartoons were drawn of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed, and in Islamic law drawing Mohammed is punishable by death.

Two years ago I made a speech about this attack in my sixth form. Making this speech was mostly for show. Trying to prove something. Trying to get people to hear and see and notice me. But I digress. The speech I made around the attacks focused on ‘Islamic culture acting as a parallel to Western society’ and ‘the Charlie Hebdo editors were asking for it’ and ‘yes it’s sad but they shouldn’t have done that in the first place’ and ‘not all Muslims.’ In other words, it was disgraceful liberal bullshit. And everyone ate it up. The teachers loved it. Some of my peers were impressed. People liked it because I did what I’ve always done; given people what they want. Tried to tell people what they wanted to hear. 

Well, here is the truth. I couldn’t stand that speech, and shouldn’t have given it in the first place. I got a special thank you from the headmistress and the younger kids all saluted me for it.

The truth is; Islam is a disgusting ideology. It preaches hate, violence, intolerance and homophobia. Islamic Culture looks like stoning people to death for stealing a piece of bread; women inheriting half of what men inherit, gay people being killed, apostates being killed, men being allowed to rape their wives, grown men being able to marry small girls – well the list goes on. Islamic Culture looks like Muslims in the West being able to peacefully practice their religion under secular democracy without having the full force of it pushed onto them like it would be in Saudi Arabia or Iraq. Islamic Culture looks like 'a peaceful religion' condoning its followers to murder people for drawing some cartoons. 

Very few people believe that all Muslims are evil people. Of course most Muslims are peaceful, ordinary loving people. Lots of people think atheism is an evil ideology that makes you a heathen who is going to Hell. I am an atheist and I’m not an evil person. My best friend is a feminist and she is not a horrible man-hater. You can dislike an ideology, not the people who follow it. ‘Islam is perfect, Muslims are not.’ No, Islam is disgusting and Muslims are only humans, victims of the disgusting brainwashing of the Quran, the Hadith and Sharia Law. They’re blind to the truth. They’re so blind they don’t realise that ISIS are the real Muslims and they are the hypocrites! (In the Quran they’re even called hypocrites.)

Yes, the Bible has nasty passages as well. Both the Bible and the Quran have violent and peaceful passages. But the difference is, as explained by others, is the way the prose is written and who the prophets were. The Bible is not written with the same angry, venomous tone that the Quran is. I’m a writer; I recognise prose and tone. Lolita is written in a way that is poetic and satirical. Twilight is written like a 13 year old girl’s diary. The Girl on the train is written with short, snappy sentences and constant suspense. It’s not just the tale, it’s how you tell it.

The Quran is very uncomfortable to read, and I don’t have the stomach to read the whole thing from top to bottom. But I’ve read chunks of it, and read up on it. There is sufficient evidence to state that the book preaches violence and hatred. But the strongest piece of evidence are the prophets.

Jesus Christ was a carpenter, who preached love and tolerance, love thy neighbour, turn the other cheek and spread goodness. Mohammed was a warlord who spread the word of the Quran through murder and fear, and slept with a nine year old when he was in his fifties. I find it disgusting that people actually try to brush that off as ‘oh, that was back in those days.’ In a previous post I have said that sex between two consenting people is fine and none of my business. But it is highly unlikely that a 9 year old girl can consent to sex with a 53 year old man. It’s different if a 9 year old sleeps with a 10 year old; still weird and rare and not to be promoted, but it’s not on the same level of obscenity.

Furthermore. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X both preached emancipation for black people during the civil rights movement. But MLK followed Christianity and Malcolm X followed Islam. Where MLK preached turn the other cheek, Malcolm wasn’t afraid to meet violence with violence. Where MLK wanted integration, Malcolm wanted black separatism. Where MLK spoke calmly, Malcolm’s words were daggers. Yes, both were different men, but they followed different ideologies.

A Christian who follows the Bible down to a t is called a 7th Day Adventist. They take a literal interpretation of the Bible. A Muslim who follows the Quran down to a t is called a terrorist. Members of ISIS, Al Quaeda and the Boko Horam all take a literal interpretation of the Quran. Whilst the Bible was written by a bunch of guys, the Quran was one man’s vision.

The true aim of Islam is for it to be spread worldwide. Those who do not agree must be killed. You know what the word for that is? Fascism. When Jehovah’s Witnesses come to your door to spread the word of Christ, if you disagree they walk away. A Muslim, by right of their book, is allowed to kill you.

I can’t post this to my Facebook feed because I’ll get eaten alive by people trying to defend Islam. I don’t know why people are so desperate to defend Islam. I guess it’s just another case of brainwashing and not properly researching and looking critically at what these texts teach. Before I started this blog I actually tried to talk about Islam on Facebook, and it caused me so much distress and a lot of hate from others that I decided this was the final straw. So I started this blog so I could tell the truth.

Those of us who are with me on this must wake up. Be aware and beware. Beware of Islam. It is a dangerous ideology. And liberals who are so against criticising it are being complicit with this ideology in my eyes. Beware those who turn a blind eye. Beware the non-violent Muslims who admit they would disown their child for being a homosexual. Beware the governments who lie to us and try to tell us that the Quran is a peaceful book. Beware the people trying to find excuses to show that Muslims are kind, decent people because they don’t get that ‘islamophobes’ like me are against the ideology, not the people.

Beware those who turn a blind eye to the facts. Think for yourselves. Je suis Charlie.

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