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Thursday, 17 August 2017

My problem with 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging'

Nearly every girl who’s grown up in Britain knows about these books and this movie. I loved these hilarious books about the trials and tribulations of Georgia Nicolson, written by Louise Rennison. However, after re-watching the movie earlier this year, I’ve realised the issues with this story.

Georgia is your average fourteen year old girl who is a bit dopey at times; thinks she looks like shit and thinks she'll never get a boyfriend. When she and her friends Jas, Ellen and Rosie spot two new hot guys (Robbie and Tom; both brothers) move to their school, Georgia instantly takes a shine to Robbie. However, Robbie’s dating ‘slaggy’ Lindsay, the alleged antagonist of the story. Georgia hatches a plan to get Robbie (despite the fact that he has a girlfriend), and then fix up Jas with Robbie’s brother Tom.

Throughout the story, Georgia’s intentions are selfish. She tries to steal another girl’s boyfriend, and then wonders why Lindsay’s acting ‘like a bitch.’ Lindsay has every right to be pissed off at Georgia for coming along and stealing her man. Plus Georgia and Robbie share a kiss in a swimming pool whilst he and Lindsay are still together, which is dickish on his part.

Prior to this, Georgia goes to this guy Peter Dyer for ‘snogging lessons’ because she’s never been kissed, and he ends up falling for her. She ‘lets him down gently’ by telling him she’s a lesbian. Georgia later gets mad when Jas, her best mate, gets Tom, rather than simply being happy for her and trying to move on and find a man who isn’t already taken. Oh, and then there’s the part where she uses Dave, Robbie’s friend, to try and get back at Robbie, by going out to a gig with him to make Robbie jealous.

Yes, teenage girls are all boy mad, but how is saying 'boys don't like girls for funniness' helpful? All it's telling young girls is that they need to change themselves to get boys to like them, rather than just be themselves. Thankfully by the end of the movie this is made clear, when Robbie likes Georgia for who she is 'Georgia is perfect; she's just a perfect nutter' hehe.

Georgia isn’t intentionally horrible – she isn’t a nasty person, she’s just selfish, immature and doesn’t think about anyone besides herself. Even when her dad moves to New Zealand for a job and wants his family to come along, her first thoughts are ‘oh no! Robbie kissed me! I can’t leave now!’ But
once Jas and her fall out over the fact that Georgia’s been acting like a selfish jealous bitch that can’t get over the fact that Robbie has a girlfriend and can’t just feel happy for her mate, Georgia decides that her life is crappy enough for her family to move to New Zealand. Ok, there is a bit of selflessness there – she gets worried that if she doesn’t go her parents will split up. But still her primary interests are mainly being served.

Moreover, throughout the whole movie Georgia is busy thinking about her birthday party – nothing wrong with that, except she wants to have it in a club, yet she’s turning fifteen. There’s also a scene when Dave and her go out to the gig and they’re being served alcohol. Erm...what? Under-age much? The writers had some serious holes in that reality there. Or maybe in Eastbourne people are more lax about underage kids going to a club or being served booze in a bar. Oh, Georgia also hopes that no one will come to Lindsay’s party (which is on the same day as hers) and that everyone will come to Georgia’s. Lindsay isn’t exactly an angel – she probably moved her party to the same day just to spite Georgia (it isn’t exactly revealed – could have been coincidental) but I don’t see how she is the villain in this story.
Any girl who saw another bitch flirting with her boyfriend would rightly say ‘keep away from my man.’ At the end of the movie Lindsay makes an angry speech gatecrashing Georgia’s party, and in my opinion she has every right to be pissed off. Robbie is clearly a fool – he should have dumped Lindsay sooner if he thought he’d go running off with Georgia, and anyway why would he want to go out with someone who uses a guy to get back at him and says shit about her best friend’s boyfriend, who is also his brother?

Anyway, I know it’s just a movie, and I shouldn’t take it too seriously bla bla bla, but seriously. Being angry because a girl is trying to get with your man is justified, and using people to get back at other people is just immature. Georgia isn’t quite the pristine protagonist she is ‘supposed’ to be in my opinion.

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