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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Racial preferences in dating

There’s this jackarse on the internet named Riley J. Dennis who is part of the SJW crew. This dumbarse seems to think that if you’re not attracted to transgender people, black people or disabled people, you’re bigoted.

Ok, so my view is that I prefer to judge people on the people. I’m attracted to guys of every ethnic background, and don’t consider myself to have any racial ‘preferences.’ (Unless you’re lightskinned; lightskinned men are bae). I haven’t always been like this; in my childhood and early teens I only really fancied black boys, and when I was fifteen I had this stupid phase called my ‘white guy phase’ which my friends humoured me for. I decided I hated black guys and was only interested in white guys, and got myself a white boyfriend. (I had three boyfriends in secondary school; two black and one white, but secondary school boyfriends last five minutes – or a month in my case, and aren’t emotionally serious. I broke up with all of them, but not cos of their skin colour.) I've had two relationships in my life that I consider significant; the ex was mixed raced and current is white.

But I (obviously) don’t fancy guys due to the colour of their skin. I once went on a date with this gorgeous Nigerian guy I met on okcupid; he was clingy as fuck and asked if I’d be his ‘sweet lover for a lifetime’. That’s why I broke it off with him, not because he was Nigerian. I’ve never disliked or liked a person because they’re a certain colour. I’ve fancied mixed raced guys, dark skinned guys, white guys; my celebrity crush for years was Taylor Lautner, who looks Native American.

However, I’m aware not everyone feels this way. I’ve heard black people say they’re only interested in other black people. A black guy I had a brief thing with actually said that he felt Martin Luther King and Malcolm X didn’t do all that marching so he could be with a white woman. I’ve heard white people say they’re only interested in other white people. Then I’ve heard the opposite; my brother (who is mixed raced – obviously, because I’m mixed raced, and he’s lighter skinned than me) has said he prefers white girls to black girls. I’ve heard black girls say they’ve had ‘bad experiences’ with black guys and prefer white guys. My cousin and I (being half Asian) have laughed about Asian guys having small dicks (yeah, I know it’s just a stereotype) and her boyfriend is Filipino and his equipment does, ahem, the job.

So yeah, some people are more attracted to people of other racial backgrounds. There’s no reason for it; attraction isn’t something you can rationalise (although being the deep-thinker-type that I am I try to rationalise everything). If I think someone’s attractive, I’ll like them (but then I’ve had crushes on fifty thousand guys in my lifetime). It doesn’t make you ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted’ if you prefer to date people of a certain racial background. If you were to say you hate all black people that would be racist, but if you just find yourself more physically attracted to white people but have black friends, then fairs on you. I don't find fat guys attractive; it's just a preference. Doesn't mean I hate fat people, I just would never see myself with a fat boyfriend.

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