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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Romance is dead (poem)

So this was just me being funny and cynical...

Romance is dead, men are pigs,
Women are crazy narcissists
Gone are the days of wooing a lady
Pouring a heart and soul out loud
Romance is dead, marriage is over,
Divorce rate is up every day
Women now spurn every man they meet
Making them all impossible to please
Romance is dead, love is a myth
Death do part be a thing of the past
Goodbye to courting and merry young love
Drama, break-ups and cries replace
Romance is dead, our people is lost
Family is fading away every day
Babies grow up, no father figure
Daughters grow up hating their mothers
Romance is dead, humanity is doomed
Kiss goodbye to happy French kisses
All is lost in the blink of an eye
No longer is she the apple of his eye.

28th July 2016

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