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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Why Communism is Terrible

North Korea. Cuba. Venezuela. Soviet Russia. What do these places have in common? Evil dictators like Mao, Stalin, Lenin and Kim Jong-Un.
‘BUT THEY’RE NOT REAL COMMUNISTS!’ far-left wingers cry. ‘They didn’t do it properly! They didn’t fulfill Marx’s true aims!’
To that I reply shut up and read my ‘Not a ‘real’ feminist’ post. If someone calls themselves a communist, and acts that way in practice, who are you to say they aren’t?

Communism is terrible because it ignores human nature. It assumes that humans are all benevolent and intelligent enough to share everything equally. Children may think this sounds all sweet and happy because their minds are not mature enough to understand why it won’t work. ‘Sharing is caring’ sounds all cuddly-wuddly. It isn’t. I believe the only person in the world that you can truly count on is yourself. People are unreliable and come and go. Sure, to a degree you can rely on your close friends, immediate family and spouse/partner, but ultimately you’re the one who is with you 24/7.

If a hundred humans are given a hundred pounds, the assumption is everyone takes a pound. What will really happen is some will steal extra pounds before the sharing has begun. Some will take more. Some will take less. Some won’t take anything. Some will take a couple of pounds and share it between several of them. In every AA meeting a pot has to go around where people put money in to contribute to the rent and costs for teas, coffees, literature and the like. Some people put in ten pound notes, others a pound, others fifty pence, and some none.

The natural instinct of humans is to survive. That’s our basic instinct. Survival of the fittest. Eat, sleep and mate. Just because we’ve evolved, those primal needs are still there. Take take take. Take the most I can for myself so I can survive. Look out for myself and my family. Remember Titanic? They tried to organise it so ‘everyone’ (i.e. first class women and children cos fuck men and poor people) could get on. Instead everyone scurried for their lives by the end. Some boats weren’t even half full. Everyone was dying to save themselves and those closest to them. Even the bureaucrats took for themselves and killed their own people.

Communism is terrible because in practice it makes everyone poorer. It creates a two-class system; the bureaucrats and the proletariat. Everyone ‘shares’ the money so everyone has the same so everyone becomes poorer. Meanwhile, a bunch of dictators tell everyone what to do. Communism means everything is state owned. ‘The state is more important than the people.’ It takes away individualism. It means the state tells you what to do and how to live. It forces everyone to have a certain amount. What if you want more? What if you want less? Or more importantly; what if you need more or less? In this instance I would say anarchism makes more sense than communism because at least everyone would ‘rule’ themselves rather than have fat bureaucrats telling em what to do. With communism you end up with everyone being a slave to the system.

Communism is terrible because it takes away rewards for hard work. If I get an A* and everyone else gets E’s, the numbers are evened out so we all got C’s. FUCK THAT SHIT. If I work harder, I deserve better. I deserve to live a better life and look out for myself and my loved ones. Where's the motive to work hard if you're just going to get the same rewards as everyone else? Hence production output declines. I have no interest in lazy idle people. I had no interest in the lazy fuckers at school that complained and didn’t put the work in. Oh, it’s too hard? How is that my problem? Unless you legitimately have a problem, which brings me to my next point.

I support social democracy. Linguistics are funny; to some that may mean socialism. I don’t like to say socialism because Marx and Lenin defined communism and socialism as the same thing. I believe that everyone who can work and contribute to the society should, in whatever way they want. I believe people should pursue their dreams. I believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. This is why I support welfare, free healthcare and free education. Some people are born disabled, or mentally ill, and that’s not their fault. Some people are born addicts, and that’s not their fault. I think the system should help people where necessary. Also, if a few lazy people want to slack of and commit benefit fraud, that’s their business. Either way they’re still not going to be making tons of money. Enough to fund their shitty little flat in East London.

Laizze-faire capitalism is not good either in my opinion, but this post is about communism. How many people did Mao, Castro, Stalin and Lenin murder? Dang, even Hitler was a socialist. The Nazi Party stood for ‘National German Worker’s party. He had full employment. And full dictatorship. Communism is against democracy. Capitalism is the lesser of two evils, but not laizze-faire capitalism. Laizze-faire or free market capitalism gives people opportunities, which in that sense makes it less bad than communism. However, you still end up with only a few people benefiting from the system, only instead of bureaucrats it’s wealthy business owners. Owners can exploit the workers by not paying them enough and making them work long hours.

I believe a balance between these two extreme systems is needed. Communism in full practice is fascism. Capitalism in full practice is exploitation. Rather than workers being slaves to the system, they’re slaves to the corporations. I believe evolution is better than revolution, because all revolution is is replacing one evil system with another. 

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