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Saturday, 9 September 2017


Contains (mildly) sexually explicit photographs and content. The content below is not intended to be pornographic, sexually suggestive or arousing. Is for informative purposes only.

When I was 17 I masturbated properly for the first time. Four months in I had my first orgasm, and it felt...amazing. Indescribably amazing. I remember going downstairs and the look on my face probably looked so dazed that my dad went ‘you stoned or something?’ Just off the sexual high.

That was three years ago, and masturbating is something I love and something that most people love, because, well it feels fabulous. How much or how little you masturbate doesn’t matter at all; doesn’t matter if you do it once a month or twice a day. I usually do it once a day, more so if I’m bored/stressed/lazing around. If I’m super depressed I may be less in the mood (depression does affect your sex drive or general interest in things as well as ability to orgasm). I don’t think I can go more than a few days without it, whether or not I’m in a relationship.

Statistically girls masturbate less than boys. Only 3% of women in my age range do it more than 4 times a week. For guys my age it’s 18.8%.

I don’t know why it took me so long before I masturbated, and it wasn’t because of lack of interest or drive (although as mentioned, being depressed does affect your sex drive and I was a pretty depressed teen). I just saw it as a ‘shameful’ thing to do and it made me feel weirdly guilty. I felt ‘afraid’ to go ‘down there.’ I’m not sure why, that’s just the way it was and I’d hate for anyone to feel like that. At a party I went to when I was 16 we were playing the game ‘Never have I ever’ and this girl said to me ‘you’re sixteen years old and you’ve never masturbated?!’ It’s not something girls seem to talk much about as guys.

It’s a shame there’s still ‘taboo’ around it, and there are guys out there who probably don’t even know if girls do masturbate or not. It’s a shame because masturbation feels wonderful, and there are so many benefits to it. It can be a great way to explore your body and sexuality, and discover what you like/don’t like which means you’ll know what you’ll want when with a future partner. It releases endorphins which make you HAPPY (so counteracts depression), and reduces stress, improves self-esteem, helps to treat sexual problems, relieves menstrual cramps and can strength muscle tone in pelvic and anal areas. It also decreases the risk of prostate cancer in men and cervical cancer in women. And it can help with sleep, which has been a big thing for me. Up until almost a year ago when I went on antidepressants, I struggled with insomnia for most of my life, and masturbating has helped me so many times with falling asleep (much healthier than alcohol). And of course, if you’re not in a relationship or currently sexually active then fret not, you can pleasure yourself! Means you can be sexually satisfied even without a partner!

There is nothing at all wrong with masturbating, and there are no risks to it at all. The only problem I can say, as an addict, is that like with anything you can get addicted to it, and so if you start masturbating in exchange for socialising with people or having actual sex with your partner or doing other things you used to enjoy then it’s not healthy. Using anything, be it sex, alcohol, food or gambling as an ‘escape’ from ‘life’ and leading to addiction is never healthy.

But other than that, there is no reason not to rub one out whenever you like. But there are plenty of reasons to do so, so go ahead and enjoy your body!

Credits to Ms Jaclyn Glenn.


  1. i love masturbating also, i usually do it once a day and it does feel great

  2. This was relatable. My balls got so blue reading this .Do you find sex with a strager weird or no. Feel it in my plumbs deep,
    To live, love, while the flame is strong
    For we wont be the young ones very long
    Yours forever, T. basco sauce


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