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Thursday, 7 September 2017


Love and hate. Day and night. Cats and dogs. Black and white.
When we’re young we’re taught about opposites, that some things are directly polarised to others. But how many of these are opposites?

Let’s start with love and hate. Both are strong emotions that involve deep passion for someone or something. The opposite of a strong emotion can’t be another strong emotion; it has to be the absence of said emotion. Batman and the Joker hate each other, which allows them to have a strong bonding connection. That connection would break (along with the whole franchise) if one of them stopped caring about the other. Hence the opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy.

What about hot and cold? Both are extreme conditions. The opposite of boiling hot cannot be freezing cold; it has to be a non-extreme condition. The opposite of an extreme temperature would be a mild temperature.

Same would apply to black and white. Black and white are both considered shades, not colours, and they go very well together. Why am I typing on a white background with black ink? The opposite of black and white would be primary colours; blue, red and yellow.

The opposite of a very bad person can't be a very good person, it is a person who doesn’t care either way. Someone indifferent. Polar opposites usually have far more in common than they are let on. Let’s use the generic ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ guy scenario. Both have a great goal, both seek or obtain power, both have many that follow them, both usually have great charisma and people skills. They’re usually intelligent, and believe that their actions are justified. So how is a ‘good’ person different from an ‘evil’ one?
A person who is the opposite of this is someone who doesn’t care, doesn’t want any power, is anti-social and lacks good people skills, and mindlessly wanders through their life. They are amoral.
(Rick Sanchez is a good example; he is neither good nor evil).

I hope this made sense and gives you something to think about!

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