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Friday, 22 September 2017

Personality Types

I am NOT a psychologist, but I am a writer and I psychoanalyse people constantly. (It’s kind of a creepy obsession). I pay close attention to how people talk, think, act and behave, and generally act accordingly to how they are. I’ve always been like that; how I act depends on who I’m with. It’s a codependent thing that I am trying to move away from. Sometimes it’s a defense mechanism.

Anyway, if I were to class people into four distinct personality types, it would be as follows:

1.     Logical, blunt, care more about facts and actions than feelings. Good-natured and have others best intentions at heart. Care more about the solution than the problem. Highly stable. Can come across as cold and insensitive without meaning to.

2.     Happy-go-lucky, cheerful, empathetic. Not easily bothered by the little things. Have a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude to life. Highly stable and quite sensitive to the feelings of others.

3.     Good-natured and loving, but often suffer from a mental health problem that leads to irrational behaviour. More neurotic and have a tendency to ‘over-think.’ Highly sensitive and cares deeply for the feelings of others. Generally stable but can be very unstable when emotionally ‘down.’ Unstable behaviour can lead to negative consequences that person deeply regrets afterwards.

4.     Narcisstic, self-centered, very emotional, often inconsiderate of other people’s feelings and needs. Highly unstable, and sensitive within themselves but insensitive to other people. Operates hugely on self-will and ego. Has very low self esteem. Emotionally manipulative of others, sometimes unintentionally.

Addicts tend to fall within numbers 3 or 4. I would place myself in number 3, working towards being more number 2. Neither category is ‘bad’ and isn’t necessarily factual, it’s just something I made up for fun in terms of understanding human behaviour and how other people are. There is also the ‘fifth’ category which few people fall into, this is the psychopath:

5.     Psychopath. Narcisstic, self-centered, emotionless and highly logical. Has very high self esteem and emotionally stable. Operates on greed and self-will. Doesn’t care for others. Will act irrationally or impulsively to satisfy own needs and desire. Works towards goals using calculative planning, logic, and manipulation of others.
(Also check out my post sociopaths vs psychopaths:

Needless to say, people are very multi-faceted and can cross in between these different 'layers' of personality at certain times in their lives. There are multiple theories of personality. Two popular ones are 'The Big Five Personality Test' and 'The Myer-Briggs Type Indicator'.'  The MBTI is based on the theory of personality by Carl Jung, who claimed that the four dominant sensations for humans are sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking, and that one of these was mostly dominant for everyone during most of their life. (I suppose you could say sensation is physical, intuition is instinctive, feeling is emotional and thinking is intellectual).

The 'Big Five' test is a more commonly accepted framework for personality. Both look at intraversion vs extraversion, neuroticism vs stability, empathy vs sociopathy, and the like. Seeing where you fall in between these extremes can help to better get to know and understand yourself. Naturally we are always changing as people, but in terms of our 'core' person-hood, I believe that we have a fundamental sense of self and character that doesn't necessarily change, but grows, develops and matures over time. We are shaped by our experiences.

Edit: according to the '16 personality types', I am 'The Protagonist' (or ENFJ personality)

And an awesome song to end with (Credits to Living Colour):

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  1. i'd say i'm a mix of 3 and 4 (somethimes more one than the other)


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