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Thursday, 21 September 2017

What is a misogynist?

A person (usually a man) that hates women. A misandrist is a person (usually a woman) that hates men.

I find the term ‘misogynistic’ to be often mis-used by feminists. Disney films have been accused of being ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynistic’ when I see nothing sexist about them. How is a man wanting to rescue a woman a sign of woman-hating? Clearly it’s the opposite. In my post about my favourite Disney women, I discuss that most of the Disney women are strong characters that have their own values and dreams.

A man that holds open doors for women, goes out with women, sleeps with women, loves his mother, marries a woman, and raises female daughters is clearly not a misogynist. (No, Trump is not a misogynist, he's just outlandish). A man that despises women and sees no use for them other than sexual pleasure (or maybe not even that) IS a misogynist.

An example of a misogynist is the well known blogger and pick-up artist Roosh V. This man does NOT care for or respect women. His views on women are that women are sex objects that should be seen and not heard. When you have no respect for someone or something, you're unlikely to treat them justly. I don’t like spiders and take no shame in killing them. To those who don’t have a problem with spiders, they would see killing them as awful. I LOVE cats, and would never strike or kill a beautiful kitty.

Enjoying the company of women, having female friends, enjoying sex with women – these do not make someone a misogynist. Most men don’t ‘hate’ women. Why would they marry women if they don’t like them? Why would they get so pissed off if someone cussed their mother?

A man who serially murders women is a good example of someone who hates women. Examples are Peter Sutcliffe, Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper. These men clearly DID hate women as they went around raping and murdering them. A man who rapes women does not like them or respect them. Rape is not about sex, it is about power and dominance. A man who loves and enjoys sex with women wants the woman to enjoy it too, and wants her to want it and want him. He doesn’t want to grab some unwilling woman who is screaming and pushing him off her. (Unless it's consensual roleplay).

Once I was having a conversation with a girl that’s a radical feminist and she said ‘misandry isn’t real.’ This is the kind of nonsense some feminists believe. It’s as dumb as saying ‘black people can’t be racist’ or using the term ‘reverse racism.’ Of course women can hate men. Saying ‘don’t cook
dinner, starve a rat today’ is a form of misandry as its dehumanizing men and calling them ‘rats’ that don’t deserve food. (Unless your man actually was abusing you and treating you badly and you turn around and decide to stand your ground to empower yourself. That’s different, but just because you’ve been in an abusive relationship, doesn’t mean that ‘all men’ or ‘all women’ are full of shit).

I think the term ‘misogynistic’ is at times mis-used. It’s part of this bullshit identity politics that claims everything is ‘sexist’. 


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