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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

What's wrong with Anita Sarkeesian?

Pretty much everything, but let’s get some background on who she is first. Anita Sarkeesian is a pop culture critic who is most known for her website and YouTube channel ‘Feminist Frequency’ in which she discusses issues prevalent to modern feminism. She is best known for her video series ‘Tropes vs Women in Video Games’ which examines the role of female characters in video games. She looks at everything from the ‘Damsel in Distress’ trope to the ‘Miss Man’ trope.

Lots of people online have discussed the problems with this woman and her series, so I’m probably not going to bring up anything new. I’ll discuss my main issues with her.

What conversations? Her channel is supposedly ‘conversations with pop culture’ yet she disables comments and ratings for her viewers. When I started this blog, part of it was to DISCUSS opinions. What’s the point of having controversial opinions, especially if you’re a well known public figure, if you’re not going to fucking talk about them with people in the first place? If you’re not going to be open to debate, discussion, challenging viewpoints, even listening to people who might AGREE on some things.  I’ve watched a lot of her videos because I think they’re interesting, even if there’s a lot of stuff I disagree with. It makes me angry that there’s no way of commenting because it seems like it misses the point of free speech. Why bother making a channel or a blog or any kind of discussion-based platform if you’re not going to allow people to converse with you in the first place?

Everything is sexist. I don’t understand this lady’s agenda at all. There is literally no pleasing her. The ‘damsel in distress’ women are too dainty and ladylike. The ‘strong, dominant’ characters are just female-men. Women wearing sexy outfits are objectified and over-sexualised, yet feminists claim to be anti slut-shaming. We all fall into hypocrisy and self-contradiction from time to time, but for Gods’ sake have some bloody consistency! I don’t understand how feminists can claim to be against slut-shaming, have a bunch of women participate in the slut walks, yet get angry about porn, not want to legalise prostitution, and bitch about women being ‘objectified’ in games and films? I don’t really understand what ‘objectification’ is if I’m honest. Don’t we all objectify each other all the time? When you check out someone on the street and think their hot is that ‘objectifying’ them? What is that besides perfectly normal and natural? What is with this inconsistency? Either you’re all for sex positivity like Laci Green and want people to express their sexuality in whatever way makes them comfortable, or you want all women to keep their vaginas in a box till they’re married and walk around in fricken burqas. Which one is it? Because you can’t be for and against ‘both’ at the same time, that makes no sense.

She’s not even a gamer. I’m not a gamer, so I’m not going to start talking about stuff I know nothing about. If I’m going to talk about something I make sure there’s been some interest/research involving it first. For example, I talk a lot about religion, but I’ve read The God Delusion and parts of the Bible and the Quran, and read blogs like ‘Atheist Republic’ and read up on the topic and watch atheist YouTubers. It’s no use talking about something without knowing much about it first. Granted, she ‘claims’ to have played a lot of video games in order to research her series, but she’s clearly looking for confirmation bias in order to confirm that everything in games is racist, sexist, homophobic and problematic, not to mention contributes to ‘toxic masculinity’, whatever that is. The gaming community have expressed their outrage towards her and I don’t blame them. People are always bad-mouthing video games like saying they make people more violent, when studies have shown they actually make people LESS violent because they’re taking out their ‘violence’ on the games rather than in real life.

Attractive white woman wants your money!!!
She’s a con artist. The woman raised almost $160,000 on Kickstarter to make this fricken one-sided series, then hasn’t even finished it yet! What the hell? It was meant to be done in December 2012 and is STILL NOT DONE. I can’t understand this at all. People literally paid her money to hear her opinions, and she’s not even giving her audience what they paid for or allowing them to converse with her! That would make me very angry indeed. It also makes me wonder who’s even paying her. Who’s contributing to her fund to get her to make these videos? Oh right, social justice warriors that treat her like a feminist icon. Those poor suckers.

Overall, this woman is a pain in the arsecrack who can’t find any happiness at all in female game representation. The reason characters are dressed ‘sexily’ is because of marketing, dummy. These games are aimed at young men and boys who guess what, don’t want to see a fat frumpy woman running around their screen. And as I mentioned in my post ‘I’m done with feminism; people play games to play games, not to wank. They’ll spent a few seconds checking out how hot Lara Croft and Catwoman are and then on with the bloody game. And if you bothered to look at the actual characters, you would see that plenty of female characters are strong and badass. Real gamers probably don’t care about all the crap Anita bitches about. They just want to have a good time. 

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  1. There are a lot of self-serving YouTube channels claiming to be open, but in reality they usually just post clickbait type controversial videos to rile people up, and these channel owners could care less what people think and they are in it mostly for the YouTube revenue. Apparently getting to 100,000 subscribers gives a moderate income, and those with millions of subscribers can afford lavish lifestyles. Religious sites often to the same thing disabling comments, but sell their comforting stories and rage at the great "wickedness' in the world to make the followers feel superior and better than others, all to get more cash from YouTube.
    I am a supporter of basic feminism for having equal rights and opportunities, but admit I don't go along with much of what i hear from radical feminists. Also, as a male i think men should take more responsibility for teaching their sons to be more respectful of women in general, and my wish is that demeaning locker room talk about women will someday be more unacceptable. For many backward areas of the world that will be a long time coming, unfortunately.

    1. Supporting equal rights and opportunities is egalitarianism and humanism. Of course plenty of feminists do believe in equality, but in the West women and men ARE equal and there is no reason to 'demand' more rights when in some cases women have advantages over men and just want special privileges.
      It is a shame that there are silly channels that just post content for views that get much more money than those that are well-researched and rational.
      I don't think 'locker room talk' is bad as it's human nature to joke around; as long as it's jokey and those men don't actually treat women badly. But for men that do women can of course be aware and stay away from men like that that just use women and discard them.

    2. Walter White:

      1) many women are purposefully having kids without men in the home, so that would be the woman's fault for not having fathers around to teach their children "proper treatment of women"

      2) men already do teach their sons to respect women AND men tend to respect women more than women respect men in the Western world

      3) why don't you also say "women should teach their daughters to respect men"? do you not believe that men deserve respect too or do you think that women need special treatment?

      4) you want men to change the way they talk when women aren't even around?!? are you that sexist against men that you believe they need to be controlled according to women's feelings 24/7; 365 days a week?

      5) women talk far worse about men when men aren't around, then men talk about women when women aren't around, especially when we're talking about men and women in committed relationships. women are constantly emasculating the men they're with and making fun of them; most men don't do that unless they're boasting about a 1 night stand.

      6) you didn't say that you wished "the way women talk about men in the nail salon or hair salon or coffee shop etc. should be more unacceptable". are you that sexist that you think women should always be able to talk about men in any degrading ways that they want to, and only men have to have their language policed?

      7) Funny that you say you don't go along with what you hear from "radical Feminists" since you're spouting those beliefs yourself. You want men to police their language and take responsibility for things they don't have control over but you give women a complete pass. Thanks for sharing your sexist views.

  2. "Pretty much everything"" - Agreed! She's such a sexist and entitled Feminist. She represents just about everything wrong with modern/western women today (as well as Feminism in general).


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