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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Am I a Hypocrite?

(Random but wanted to get this out).

Yes. We're all hypocrites sometimes. It's impossible for us to not make mistakes, being fallible humans. I can be hypocritical and I contradict myself. I'm more impulsive as opposed to a 'think things through' kind of person. I act more on a whim (I'm writing this post on a whim) and prefer instant gratification to delayed gratification. Looking back through my posts, my comments, or my YouTube videos or even thinking over past conversations, I think to myself 'damn, I'm totally contradicting myself there! I should have said that, or that and that!'

I'm only saying this because I'd rather be the first to admit that I may have hypocritical/self-contradictory tendencies (like we all do). I say this rather than have someone say to me 'you said this and now you're doing this! HYPOCRITE!' People are changing all the time. Our life outlooks change. My outlook on life now isn't the same as it was last month, or several months ago, or a year ago. The way I think about stuff now isn't the same as how I thought yesterday.

Example? Up until eighteen I always said smoking was gross and pointless and no one should do it. (Mainly because my parents are very pro-health and anti-smoking). When I was nineteen, I took up on and off smoking and vaping. (Sort of as a substitute for drinking, only way less frequent). I haven't smoked a fag since I think August, which is great. I don't want to smoke because it IS bad for you and your health, especially if you're a singer.

But anyway, the point of that example is to say that I'm always changing, and doubtlessly you are too. I believe that everyday you wake up is a chance to start again. It doesn't mean you're literally a new person, of course we're always the same person; what I mean is that yesterday you may have been lazy, and today and for the coming future you can be motivated. 


  1. i can be a hypocrite at times too, at least people like you and me admit it

    1. Exactly. Always better to admit your wrongs and notice your part in things.

  2. A big tip of advice: A trait that tends to separate a lot of successful people from non-successful people is **the ability to delay gratification**. It's harder for all of us when we're younger but it's something worth working on because a lot of times, choosing the instant gratification hurts us more in the long-term. Just a tip worth mentioning. It's something I had to work on myself, more with words than actions. :)

    I think there's a big difference between growing/evolving and being a hypocrite though. Someone who used to do heavy drugs and endorse them but is now clean and advises more against them isn't a hypocrite to me, they are someone who has evolved. Someone like Hillary Clinton though, who says "every victim [of sexual assault] should be believed" while she dismissed her own husband's accusers as "bimbos" and "looking for fame" at the time is being hypocritical as she has never corrected her views to be consistent and said "I was wrong" or "my view changed". I think the fact that you acknowledge that you're growing and going through different views shows that you're not a hypocrite; even if it sometimes comes off that way before the change is understood.

    "I believe that everyday you wake up is a chance to start again."

    Why, that's so positive of you! :D
    (I mean that in a jokingly positive way.)


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