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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Dying my hair

Since I was really young I’ve had an obsession with red hair. No idea why, I’ve just always thought it looks gorgeous. Since I was 15 (5 years ago) I’ve been dying my hair; mostly red but have also done pink and green.

I wanted to dye my hair red but I didn't want to bleach it. I came across this video by a YouTuber named Nicole Guerriero who made a video all about dying your hair from brown to red without bleaching:

I wanted to order the products she'd used (Loreal Hicolor Hilights) off amazon because we don't have them in the UK (that I know of). However my mum was tetchy about this and suggested I just buy a local dye from the shop. I thought getting it darker red first would be good in case I didn't like bright red on me. A friend did it for me in the Summer of 2012 before Year 11 and I did like it very much; this is the colour it was when I first dyed it:

So yeah, pretty dark; you can tell it's tinted (also it looked lighter in the light). I like it a lot, though of course I wanted it redder. Over the course of the year I simply just kept dying it red with different products. Schwarzkopf is my favourite; I recommend it for any shade; reliable, doesn't damage your hair and does the job well - for brighter/semi-permanent dyes use Crazy Colour, Adore or Directions. 
Summer 2013; the colour it ended up :)

So yeah, I enjoyed the red for a while and then decided I really wanted a change. In the Spring of 2014 I tried dying it blue. I bleached my faded red hair, dying it yellow. Of course when you mix blue with yellow you get green. The green looked kind of cool, if a little weird. I'd still love to dye it blue some time but I'd make sure to bleach it properly or get someone else to do it. 
Bleaching = tricky
I look a bit freaky here with my braces lol
Strike a POSE; Lady Green

So yeah, I was 17 around this point. I had green hair for about 6 months; only did one touch up (I'll talk about touch-ups/maintenance after) and then I really wanted to go pink. A friend decided to do it for me (I've mostly done my hair myself but I've had a couple friends, my mum and some of my aunties do it as well - prefer doing it myself but when another person does it they get parts you don't see). She instructed me to shampoo my hair a few times a week to get the green out - unlike red, green/blue is VERY DIFFICULT to strip. It looked pretty rank by the end of it, all yellowy-browny-green.
She bleached it - this was my reaction
She mixed up the pink...
Ta-da, pretty in pink xx

I had the pink in for another 6 months, before asking the same girl to dye it brown. It had been two and a half years at this point since I'd been dying it, and I kind of missed my natural colour. So the brown commenced:
Pretty much my natural hair colour;
took this on Year 13 prom night

It was brown for a year and a half, and then last Summer (2016) I asked her to dye it pink for me again. She bleached it, cooked up the dye, bob's your uncle. This time it went more reddish-pink as she was bleaching dark hair as opposed to light green hair. 

Phew! So many pictures. When it fades it tends to go ginger. Pink dye fades less fast than red dye; I know some people are funny about the colour fading (and red hair does fade faster because it has large molecules that don't stick as easily to your hair) but I like the coppery-gingery tones I get when it fades. Nowadays I dye my hair every 2 months, but I have gone 3 months without dying in between. (Of course if you're doing roots you can do them more often because it's fresh hair, but with your whole head I think it's recommended that you do 6-8 weeks minimum).

Dying IS damaging, and my hair does tend to get very dry because of its texture so I'm extra careful. I hardly use shampoo; maybe once every 3-4 weeks. You can also put a bit of dye in your conditioner to 're-deposit' colour back into your hair which is fine if it's a semi-permanent dye. I was using Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Constructor, and recently switched to Loreal Conditioner for Coloured Hair. In terms of daily products I've used Mega Growth: Growth Lotion for a while, but have switched to Curls & Naturals Leave-in Conditioner and have Curls & Naturals Conditioning Repair Mask. I used to use Oil Sheen but now just use regular Coconut Oil. (For people with hair similar to me, a lady recommended Shea Butter - which the Curls & Naturals products have - Aloe Vera, and jojoba oil). I also used this product I loved for ages, called Taliah Waajid Curl Sealer. 
What I used yesterday + crazy colour fire

If you go to any Afro Hair shop, you'll find loads of products - it's pretty over-whelming actually - for afro/mixed hair. Also this depends where you live (I live outside of London but can easily travel there to find shops selling stuff I need). You can ask an assistant what you think is best for your hair. Dying, relaxing, bleaching, straightening, perming - this stuff is all very damaging so it's best to look after your hair whatever you do to it, otherwise it will all fall out lol. A lot of people marvel at how un-damaged my hair looks - of course it is a bit damaged, but it would look way worse if I didn't do all I do to it. I also usually use two packs when I dye my hair because of the length/thickness.

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