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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Lightskin vs Darkskin vs Blonde vs Brunette vs Bullshit

I have dark skin. If you look at me, my skin colour would be on the darker end of the human skin tone spectrum. My skin is brown, not fair. I'm also brunette, but my hair is dyed red. (As you can see from my posing header picture).

Among black people, I am ‘brown skinned.’ In some cases I could even be classed as ‘light skinned.’ Light skin is skin that is light. Technically, white people have light skin because their skin is pale and fair. Black people have dark skin. It’s just basic logic.

My dad grew up in Tanzania, and often talks about how he was bullied for being light skinned. To me, he is not ‘light skinned’; his skin is roughly the same tone as mine. But in Tanzania, an ethnically homogeneous country where most people look like charcoal, he is ‘cheupe dawa.’ Literally translated that means ‘white pills.’ It’s a slang term for black people with light brown skin. In a country where the majority of the population have skin the colour of green and blacks’ dark chocolate, it's no wonder someone with lighter skin is classed as different.

But skin is just skin, and colour is just pigmentation and melanin. Having light brown skin doesn’t make you ‘superior’ any more than having blonde hair does. It seems silly to point it out, but darkskin vs lightskin is something black people obsess over. In secondary school I remember hearing the popular girls crowing about how blessed it was to be a ‘lightie hotspice’ rather than ‘blick and buterz.’ (Racist much? Is it just me or are black people way more 'racist' or racially obsessed than white people?) Skin tone should not be seen as good or bad. Colour is only skin deep.

Blonde? Brunette? Lightskinned? Darskinned?
You're all fucking human, deal with it and stop this crap.
White people are also funny with skin. Being pale for a white person is considered bad; they want to be tanned. (Ironic, eh?) When a white person gets a tan they are considered dark; next to me they look like buttermilk. Pale skin is considered unhealthy and sallow; it burns easily and looks ‘sickly.’ I’ve always found it hilarious the way white people obsess over wanting to get a tan. I find it just as funny as the dark skin vs light skin nonsense among black people.

Skin is just skin. Hair is just hair. Why the fuck are blondes 'dumb' and brunettes 'smart'? I think the dumb people are the ones that think hair colour actually affects intelligence. As as for gingers having no souls? No one has a literal 'soul'; souls aren't a real thing. I dunno where this shit about 'light skin' and 'light hair' being better came from. Probably some racist slavery bullshit. (Honestly, when I'm Queen of the planet I'm going to kill everyone that thinks that way). The colour of your skin and hair means fuck all for your personality. It doesn't make you 'superior' or 'inferior' for anyone. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; some people find blondes more attractive, some like thick darkskinned women, some like curvy lightskinned women, some like skinny brunettes, and some like men. 


  1. people who are overly obsessed with skin color bug the hell out of me, chances are if you think crying about "white genocide" on twitter will help increase white birth rates and people calling you an idiot for clinging to the bell curve like it's an unquestionable holy book is just them being "white guilt cucks" or "antiwhite" you're not mensa material

  2. I think with women especially, a lot of this comes from wanting to be "different". Women often want what they don't have when it comes to physical beauty. Some women are comfortable in their own skin/hair/eye color, some love it and own it, and some wish and/or try to change it and be something else that they think might be "better" because they're usually not happy with how things seem to be going for them (which is usually rooted in far more factors than their color palette).

    1. Yeah and it's a shame that women's magazines and adverts are always trying to sell women products to make them 'better looking' rather than just saying be comfortable and happy as you are. If we go back to evolution, women are typically more attractive than men in order to attract a mate (sexual selection) hence why women place so much emphasis on looks. In some animals it differs, like in peacocks the men have big beautiful feathers as they're the ones trying to attract a mate.

    2. Exactly. Most women's magazines are based on women not being happy which is why they never *really* tell women how to truly be happy or what would they sell? How would they keep up the profits they get from manipulating women into desperation?

      That's another thing about Feminism and women working that doesn't get talked about. With less women getting married and more women working, predominantly female products like make-up and hair appointments etc. have greatly increased in their prices - because they can as they know women will be more likely to spend that kind of money on such things. (When less women worked and more were spending their husband's money, those products couldn't be *quite* as expensive as men have always been more frugal with money than women.)

      That being said, you are right about the desire for women to be "better looking" is instinctual and evolutionary. Make-up wasn't invented for commercial reasons, women in tribes figured out ways to use ash and other natural ingredients to make themselves look more "attractive" to their male population - as you said, they wanted to find a good mate who could help provide for them and protect them. So the root of this comes from women wanting to not be alone and/or get male attention. Some women just take it way too far competitively and some women take it too far emotionally with insecurity.

    3. With make-up men also have worn it too, like in Ancient Egypt a lot of royal figures wore it to look 'wealthy' and attractive. (I mention this in my 'what makes a man or woman' post). But yeah of course it's rooting in evolutionary sexual selection.
      On the subject of beauty you might want to look at this post on hair removal:

    4. Yes but I'm talking about in the western societies that are affected by both capitalism and western Feminism. My point is not about what is considered feminine today vs. ancient egypt but the fact that from make-up to purses to dresses to high heels to hair and salon appointments etc. and everything else that has a female-dominated audience/market, has gone UP in price since more women started working and getting married less. **Women account for 83% of US consumer spending.** Many women are being taken advantage of by Feminist-capitalists who like to see them alone, where they tend to spend more money (and do more "therapeutic" shopping) and are more susceptible to ads, propaganda and rhetoric etc. We don't talk about it though, because our media is too Feminist-controlled/influenced. Women's products on average, tend to cost more than men's products, even though men tend to make more money and have more money. As I said, men tend to be more frugal than women - And women with men tend to be more frugal than women without men.


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