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Sunday, 29 October 2017

The stupidest thing I've ever seen

I just watched this video and it made me so furious I thought 'I'm gonna write a fucking blog post on it.' I'm also really hyper because I've just finished plowing my way through season 6 of Game of Thrones.

You can watch the video on facebook by visiting the link above. Might make more sense to watch it (it's only a minute and a half long) before proceeding to read this post.

So the idiot who features in it is some dumb bitch called Anna Akana. The video is supposed to be an attack on 'rape culture' and the fact that women have to protect themselves at night by being cautious of their surroundings, having eye gougers on their keys, and crossing the street if they see a shady looking person. You know, normal stuff that women should do because guess what? Rape is a fact of life. It's unfortunate that we don't live in a merry utopia where everyone serves up smiles and ice-cream, but that's the fact of life.

I've mentioned in my posts before that I don't believe we live in a 'rape culture.' Our culture does not normalize rape. The mere fact that a bunch of women stood up to their rape and sexual assault experiences with #metoo shows we don't live in a culture that condones rape. Look at all the outrage that happens whenever someone is accused of rape. A registered sex offender struggles to make friends, get work or integrate back into the community. I remember on Orange is the new black, a character tried to get a man who was registered as a sex offender to join her group's cause. The man's crime was having sex with his wife on the beach. His life became ruined after something that didn't even come close to sexual violence. (Public indecency, sure, but hardly something that constitutes him being a sex offender).

Our society is very tough on convicted rapists and assaulters. I agree that the standard 'what was she wearing' argument is stale and rude, particularly as rape commonly occurs from someone you're acquainted with and also mostly in India and Middle Eastern countries where girls are expected to cover up. Also, MOST MEN ARE NOT RAPISTS. Do these social justice warriors actually understand that? Do they understand the difference between sex and rape? Do they just need to get laid?

Sex is consensual and wanted. Rape is forced and is about power and dominance, not pleasure. The type of people that engage in such behaviour are wired in a certain way. Maybe they were victims of rape and sexual abuse as children, or they're psychopaths, or have little empathy for others. I would never rape someone (or wrongly accuse a guy of raping me) because I have basic empathy and compassion for others. Someone without that kind of empathy is not going to care about inflicting harm onto others. These are the kind of people that rape.

If we live in a 'rape culture', we may as well say we live in a murder culture, arson culture, theft culture, terrorist culture, stabbing culture, gang culture, any-other-violent-crime culture. I don't know why rape is pushed as the pinnacle of evil, the worst thing in the world. Of course it's horrible, but do these women care about actual rape victims, or are they just fussed with moaning and groaning about how they wish the world was?

But maybe they're right. Maybe I shouldn't have to look around at night and take my earphones out and avoid dark alleyways. But why stop at that!
I shouldn't have to lock my doors at night to stop myself from being robbed or attacked.
I shouldn't have to go to AA because it's like so unfair that I have an alcohol problem in the first place.
I shouldn't have to take antidepressants because I shouldn't have depression.
I shouldn't have to carry a brown paper bag around with me in case I have a panic attack.
I shouldn't have to take a shower because people should accept my natural stench.
I shouldn't have to condition my hair because dying shouldn't damage it.
I should be able to hop into any guy's car late at night without worrying he might be dangerous.
I shouldn't have to walk around with clothes on because we should be free do dress how we like without consequences.
I shouldn't have to wear a coat in the Winter because the weather should respect my right to warmth.
I shouldn't have to eat because my body shouldn't have to feel hunger and die if I don't eat.
I shouldn't have to exercise; I should be allowed to get fat and sluggish and still be healthy.
I shouldn't have to look both ways when I cross the road at night because cars shouldn't hit me.

I shouldn't have to fucking take care of myself and look after myself and my health and watch my own back. But guess what, I do. Because this is the real world and telling girls to have a 'victim mentality' is self-defeatist, weak and childish. Girls and women should look after themselves on the street because the world out there is dangerous. It is also dangerous for men. Men are statistically more likely to get attacked, stabbed or murdered than women. Humans can not 'control' what other people think or do. We are responsible for ourselves. We must take care of ourselves. Please don't let bullshit like the video above make you think that you should be able to do what you like because the world 'owes' you some shit. It doesn't. The world is tough. Live in naivety or accept reality. Peace.

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  1. i like some of annas videos but her politics are ugh, and we already do teach boys don't rape some people are sick in the head

    1. Literally, and most boys know not to rape anyway. And what about teaching women to respect men as well? Such a double standard.

    2. unfortunAtely a lot of society falls for this double standard


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