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Thursday, 26 October 2017

When a woman rapes a man (story)

Disclaimer: this is entirely a work of fiction. Any reference to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Contains explicit and potentially upsetting content. 

Forcing someone into sex against their will is rape. It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator is male or female. Male rape victims are taken less seriously as men are assumed to ‘always want sex’ and can be accused of being ‘pussies’ or ‘faggots’ if they didn’t want it. Fact is, although men tend to have stronger sex drives than women, they don’t want sex 24/7 or want to fuck everything that they see. Here’s a short fictional excerpt of mine; a situation when a woman rapes a man.

Michael was feeling better. He was glad Toby had invited him to this party, even though initially he hadn’t been in the mood. He was sipping his third can of beer, chatting to Blake and Stacey about the new Game of thrones season. Toby’s parties were always great. He’d hired a DJ who was thumping out Drum n Bass over giant speakers, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Toby worked as an executive at Benson & Benson, the major finance company based in the City of London. Michael was a freelance journalist, and he’d been having a tough past week trying to make ends meet regarding rent. Luckily his landlord liked him, and liked his columns, so he wasn’t floating in deep water. But things could get bad quickly if he wasn’t careful. He kept telling himself he was only doing this until his novel got bought by a publisher, but so far he hadn’t even finished any of the novels he’d been working on for the past five years.

But none of that mattered right now. He relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere. Toby’s apartment was huge and modern, with a high-rise ceiling and wooden floorboards and a spiralling staircase that some drunk girls kept stumbling on and giggling. Michael smiled at them. Blake and Stacey yelped with laughter, both of them wasted, and waved at the girls. Michael didn’t know the girls. They were probably about eighteen. He wondered if Toby had fucked both of them. Knowing him, he probably had. Shaking his head, Michael tried to brush the thought away.
“I’m just going to the toilet,” he said to Stacey, who nodded, barely noticing. Michael edged past drunken adults with their hands up in the air like they just didn’t care. They patted him on the back and smiled as he wormed his way through them. He was glad he was having a good time. It had been ages since he’d felt this relaxed.
Toby’s house had about four bathrooms, if he remembered correctly. There was a guy standing outside the one nearest to him. He nodded at him, waiting his turn. He noticed a young woman, maybe twenty two, smiling at him. She had bright ash blonde hair and red lipstick and wore white cowboy boots, fishnet tights and a gold crop top. She was cute he guessed, if you liked that whole 80s glam-rock thing. He nodded at her.
“Hey,” she said, grinning at him. She had red lipstick stains on her teeth. Big white teeth, perfectly even. “Hey,” he said.
“What you doing?”
“Just waiting for the loo,” he gestured to it. She laughed as if he’d said something really funny. “That’s nice. All this booze can make you need to piss every half hour.”
“I guess.”
“So what’s your name?”
“Erm, Michael.” The other guy had gone in. Michael was tapping his foot, his arms folded. The lady put her hand on his shoulder. “That’s nice,” she said again. “I’m Violet.”
“Cool.” He started whistling and jiggling his knee up and down. The lady started stroking her hand down his arm. Michael stepped to the side, so that her arm fell off. He looked around. He could hear the toilet flushing.
“Do you want to go have a chat upstairs?” asked Violet. The other guy was coming out. “Erm, maybe later.” Michael half smiled at the woman, and then rushed into the loo. He pulled his jeans and underwear down and released his business. God that was awkward.
When he came out of the toilet, Violet had thankfully gone. Michael began edging his way back through the crowd. He wanted to find Toby, who he’d only briefly seen when he’d arrived. He thought he’d go help himself to another drink. He was driving back, but it took a lot to get him drunk, so another beer probably wouldn't hurt.
His view was suddenly blocked by a vision of ash blonde and shiny clothes. He jumped. “Hey Michael!” It was her again. “I was looking for you everywhere! Where’d you go?”
“I was in the toilet, where you saw me a few minutes ago.”
She softly punched his shoulder, shrieking with mirth again. “You’re funny aren’t you. Do you want to grab a drink?”
“Actually, well I was just...”
“Come on. One drink won’t hurt.” She put her arm around his shoulder and put her face as close to his as possible, which wasn’t that close as she was much shorter than him even in heeled boots. He turned his head away. This woman was starting to annoy him. He guessed she was probably just very drunk and couldn’t take the hint. She seemed like a sweet enough girl, so he decided to try and let her down gently. “I’m actually probably going to leave in about an hour, I’ve got this article I need to work on tomorrow and...”
“Mm.” She was barely listening. He looked around him and stepped backwards. She stepped forwards and her hand slipped down and gripped around his manly parts for a few seconds before pulling back. She giggled. His eyes widened. “What the-”
“Come on, don’t be so uptight.” She slapped his arm again. He was in shock, unsure of how to react. He was looking around, but no one seemed to have noticed. “Listen, I’m going to go and find a friend of mine; I was meaning to speak to him ages ago and it slipped my mind...”
“Aw, you’re leaving?” She cocked her head to the side. He stepped back. She walked towards him. His hands started sweating. “Look, I’m sorry, but I think you’ve had a lot to drink and this is starting to get weird...”
“Weird huh.” Her tone slipped. It slipped from being cute and silly to hard and unforgiving. Michael blinked. The smile had fallen from her face. Then her hand brushed her hair away from her eyes and the smile resumed. Had he imagined it leaving? “You go and find your friend then. I won’t keep you anymore.”
Michael walked away, turning towards one of the spiralling staircases. He was breathing heavily. She was just a random drunk woman, that’s all. Probably had no idea what she was doing. Fooling around, being silly. Women hit on men all the time. Of course, if the guy isn’t interested they usually take the hint and disappear quickly so as not to hurt their egos.
He shook his head. It didn’t matter, she was gone now.

Michael edged his way past some other people. A girl was hanging off the staircase whilst a guy fed her a bottle of Desperados. The other people around them were chanting. Michael opened a door, peering inside one of the rooms. He closed it quickly; three bodies were getting frisky in there. He stepped back, and turned to go to another room.
“Hey Michael.”
He nearly jumped out of his skin. “”
“Didn’t think you could get rid of me that easily.” She was still smiling, but her eyes were wide. The cute girly innocence had left them. “What...ok look, can you please leave me alone? This is getting seriously weird now. I don’t know why you keep following me, but can you please let it go already? It’s becoming a pain in the arse.”
Violet laughed again, but the humour was gone. “You wouldn’t know a pain in the arse if it bit you on the arse.”
Michael backed away. He fumbled the doorknob on another door and stepped backwards inside. He was barely conscious of what he was doing. “Listen, I want you to go away and leave me alone. Now.”
“No. I’m sorry, but no.” She shoved him, suddenly strong despite her small stature. He fell back, horror struck. She stepped in, pushed the door behind her and locked it. Toby’s house was fancy enough to have locks on the doors. “I’m sorry Michael,” she said in a calmer, sober tone “but I’m afraid I can’t take no for an answer.”
“What is wrong with you?” He could barely see anything; there was a bit of light streaming in from the curtains but other than that he couldn’t make out much. He started getting up. “Listen, if you don’t-”
“Shut up.” Violet pushed him again, hard, so that he fell back on the bed in the room. She grabbed a lamp sitting on a table. “If you don’t shut the fuck up, or if you start yelling, I will whack you in the face with this. Do you understand?”
This is insane. He was twice her size. Gulping, he raised his hands up. “I really don’t want any trouble. I just want to go out and find my mate, ok?”
She kicked him in the shin. Hard. He yelped out in pain. She slapped his face. “I warned you to shut up.” She removed one of her boots, the other hand still holding the lamp. “You see that heel? Another word out of you and I will dig this right into your chest.”
For the first time this evening, Michael felt scared. Really scared. He was trapped here in a room with a maniac who possibly might try to kill him. Why? What did he do?
“You are going to shut your fucking mouth and pull down your trousers. And if you try to object, I’ve got two sharp objects here that I will not hesitate to beat the crap out of your face with.”
Michael’s breath nearly froze. He stared at her. “ trousers?”
“I’m warning you. Do it.”
Gulping, he obeyed. He unfastened his belt and pulled down his jeans. Violet smiled. It wasn’t the same kind of smile as earlier. “Good boy.” She took something out of her skirt pocket. It was rope. “Give me your hands.”
He obeyed. He was too afraid to do anything else. She lifted his arms up above his head, tying his wrists up with the rope. “Just in case you get any ideas about trying to whack me in the face. I know how violent you men can be.”
Michael said nothing. He was starting to feel nothing. He knew where this was going. She yanked down his jeans off his ankles, and then rubbed her hand on his penis underneath his boxers. He closed his eyes. He willed it to stay down, to not give her the satisfaction, but every man knows that’s not how it works. It went hard in her hands. “Lovely.” She pulled his boxers down. Michael felt sick.
“Please...please don’t do this,” he said. “What did I do to you? I’ve never even met you.”
“You’re not helping yourself by talking you know,” she said. She bent over, putting her mouth on his cock. She began to suck. Michael gasped. He couldn’t deny the sensation felt good. But emotionally he wanted to vomit.
“Do you want me to stop now?” she said, coming up for air.
“No – yes! Please! I don’t know...”
She began pulling down her skirt, and then her underwear. Michael opened his eyes, looking at her. He felt his body recoil. She spread her legs and sat on top of him, easing his cock inside of her. He grimaced. She grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll do all the work.”
She began to ride him. Michael felt silent tears roll down his cheek. She had her hands slapped on his chest. She rode him up and down like he was a horse. He blinked, trying to think of something else, but his brain had gone dead.
Violet slapped him, continuing to ride him, getting faster. He lay there, his body giving in. She had a hard stare on her face. He felt nothing.
“Almost there Mikey,” she said. She was moaning. He turned away, looking at the door. He felt like a loser. He had let this happen. He hadn’t tried to push her away from him or stop her. He had tried to reason with her. He knew if he had hit her or pushed her away and hurt her, he’d be the one that got into trouble. Because he was the man, and he was stronger than her.
She came. She gasped, getting off him. He was still erect, but it hardly mattered. He was in no mood to finish.
She smiled at him, pulling up her skirt and putting her boots back on. She untied the rope from his hands. “There, that wasn’t so bad was it? I certainly enjoyed it.”
He looked at her. His eyes had adjusted to the lack of light; by now he could make her face out. She looked pleasant and cheerful, like she saw no wrong in what had just happened. Michael pulled up his boxers and jeans. He wiped his eyes.
“You did greatly, although I did most of the work,” she said. “Pity you didn’t get off. But never mind." She walked towards the door, unlocking it. She turned to look at him. “Aren’t you going to come out too?”
He nodded wordlessly. He stood up and walked out of the room with her. She was smiling again, the same smile that had been on her face when he met her. Some people cheered when they walked out of the room.
“Michael!” Toby threw his arm around Michael’s shoulder. “There you are man! Did you get some then? Lucky you, she’s a real sexy one.”
Michael nodded, saying nothing. He felt as if he was a ghost in a dream surrounded by people that were faint illusions. “Toby, I’m actually...”
“Eh, this guy’s a legend!” yelled Toby, wasted of his arse. “He just got laid! Ain’t he a lucky man! Eh, was he good then!” he called to Violet. She laughed and yelled something in return. Michael didn’t hear what she said. He could barely hear anything. “Ain’t you glad you came now mate? I knew you’d have a good time.”
Michael looked at Toby, deeply into his eyes. Toby’s face fell. “Eh mate, what’s wrong? You don’t look so good.”
Michael looked at him, and then all the other plastered people hanging around the rooms upstairs. He swallowed. “Nothing man. It’s, you know? Been stressing me out a bit. And I’m feeling a bit tired. I think I’m gonna head home.”
“Oh, alright then!” Toby looked disappointed. He peered hard at his friend. “You sure you’re alright mate? There ain’t nothing else bothering you?”
Michael’s sober eyes met the eyes of his friend. He took a deep breath in.
“No, nothing else.”

If roles were reversed and it was a man doing this to a woman, would you feel differently? Would it seem more appalling? Perhaps you find this situation unrealistic. Maybe it's hard to imagine that a guy couldn't possibly be interested. Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this below. 

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