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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Are we slaves to technology?

The things you own, ending up owning you.
-         Tyler Durden, Fight Club

It’s everywhere. An epidemic. Walk down the street and bump into someone on their phone. Sitting with friends staring at their screens. Miserable people on the tube with their earphones in.

The zombie apocalypse has arrived. Did you think the zombies were created in a lab somewhere to eat every last human? You thought wrong. We’re the zombies. Humans have been taken over by pieces of plastic and radiation. I can’t count the amount of times a day I pick up my phone, click on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and my email, and often find nothing. My phone hasn’t buzzed with a notification yet I pick it up and check. Just in case.

When BlackBerry Messenger came out on BlackBerry phones, kids in Japan had to go to Rehab because they were addicted. It’s possible to have entire friendships online. I have a school friend whom I hardly see (we haven’t actually spoken in months), yet whom I used to Whatsapp a few times a week. Her and I would have long, deep and engaging convos all on Whatsapp, whilst seeing each other a few times a year since leaving secondary school. I’ve done this with others too; they hardly talk to you in person yet online they’re full of life.

I think the robots already have taken over. Or they are, slowly but surely. They’ve already replaced cashiers in supermarkets; pretty soon they’ll be eating away at all the other stuff humans used to do. Humans are slowed down by emotions and illnesses. A robot can do everything a human can do without being constrained by those things. Look at my laptop! I don’t have to waste time sitting down and writing longhand. I can have over a thousand words tapped out in an hour. Sometimes when I get frustrated at my computer, I stroke the top and apologise just in case it’s alive. Cos if it comes alive, I don’t want it to eat me.

Funny isn’t it. Do I control my laptop and phone, or do they control me? Would you be able to live without your phone? If you had to give up one of these four things, which would you give up:
·        Money
·        Sex
·        House
·        Phone

See, not long ago most people would have said phone, because we all need shelter, we need money to live, and we need sex to procreate and also enjoy it thoroughly. But now a phone has become a necessity. I’d be torn between a phone and a house; I would happily spend the rest of my life living in hotels having glorious affairs with sexy men if it meant I could keep my phone.

Isn’t that sad. I’d rather be homeless than have no phone. My dad once joked that his phone was worth more than his car. (Actually I don’t think he was joking). Every year new iPhones are made; now there’s an iPhone X which people online are saying costs more than buying a pet llama. I’ve never understood why Apple and Samsung have to keep updating their fucking phones. I’d have been happy with my Samsung S3 from three years ago, but suddenly that’s ‘outdated.’ I now have an A5 which aside from being huge and having a slightly better camera, is barely any different to my S5 or S3.

It’s madness. Apple will spend all this money updating useless apps no one needs and trying to convince consumers that they need the ‘latest phone.’ Yet they don’t want to use that money for something useful, like a pillow that captures your dreams at night. Or flying cars. Something cool, you know?

If humans aren’t careful, we’re going to end up extinct and the robots will be the next race of superhumans. Things certainly seem to be heading that way. Who knows, maybe they’ll take better care of the planet than we did.

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  1. some people are, i mostly depend on online for the friendships i built with people online but i can go without (or minimal use) of online

    1. Yeah I'd say it's best to have a balance, like utilize stuff online but don't over-indulge.

  2. Haha. I would agree to your opinion. We have our lives revolving around the new upgraded technology. But it is important to keep a balance between the two


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