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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Discussing characters on Jane the Virgin

I love TV shows; I watch a lot of them and I get obsessed with them, to the point where I talk about the characters like they’re real people. It drives my brother nuts. Jane the Virgin is this awesome comedy/drama/mystery/romance show about a young woman called Jane who gets artificially inseminated by a doctor. The sperm she gets impregnated by belongs to a man she used to have a crush on whose wife was trying to get pregnant, but the doctor messed up the insemination. It’s hard to say much more than that because it’s such a crazy show with a whirl-wind of plots and sub-plots and characters. They all come together brilliantly in a very well-crafted and clever way. It’s very light hearted and humorous, as well as thrilling and action packed. Here are my comments on the main characters, most of whom are likeable. (Note: may contain spoilers). I've currently seen all of seasons 1, 2 and 3. 

Jane. Jane is lovely, the type of person you want to have as a friend. She’s kind, loyal, hard-working, ambitious, driven, down-to-earth and just a sweet person. She does irritate me at times – I feel like she tries to be ‘too perfect’ and a bit of a control freak. Her bad temper is a bit out of character – it’s weird to see this normally collected and sweet person become super angry at grumpy at times. Then again, I too have anger issues and I’m pretty amiable most of the time so I can relate. I relate to her mostly in the sense that she’s a writer and so am I. She’s also really indecisive and a mega-worrier, which is how I am.

Xiomara. Jane’s mother is one of my favourite characters, as well as Rogelio and Michael. She’s fun, kind, cheerful and good-hearted. She’s also stunning in my books; I love her clothes and sense of style. She’s a singer, which I relate to also. She’s a great mum to Jane and a great overall character. Another thing I love about this show is sometimes you think characters are going to behave in cliché ways and they don’t; they do something completely unexpected.

Alba. At first I was iffy with her, I thought she was too pious and the first scene where she tells young Jane about how ‘once you lose your flower it’s gone forever’ (i.e. her virginity) is weird and creepy in my books. But besides her hyper-religiousness, she’s kind and lovely and very likeable.

Michael. I LOVED Michael. He and Jane were so perfect for each other to me. I rooted for him the whole time and his death broke my heart. He’s my dream guy – handsome, smart, driven, hard-working, practical, down-to-earth, caring, puts others first, a real gentleman. He’s sensitive but he also has that toughness that would make you feel protected walking down the street. And he’s a detective! Sexy as hell! 

Raphael. He is also sexy, but in a more borderline gay porn star way XD. He’s a good guy, but a bit shady at times because of his family and all their secrets. Sometimes I have mixed feelings about him but generally I like him and sympathise with his point of view on things. Poor guy has a lot to deal with.

Rogelio. He is HILARIOUS, such a great character and well played. My favourite and probably the best character on the show in terms of his personality and mannerisms. He’s flamboyant, metrosexual, charismatic, eccentric, and has all the quirks of a major superstar. He’s very self-centred and egotistical which at times goes too far. Generally he’s loving and sweet. He and Xiomara are so cute together (though if you were just watching a clip of this show you would definitely think he was gay). I love how forward and upfront he is about things. Such a drama queen too but it all suits his character and gives the show that comic relief.

Luisa. Ah, the doctor that impregnates Jane who is also Raphael’s sister. I like her though she can be a pain at times. Typical addict. She’s got all the alcoholic traits; very sensitive, emotional, insecure, drawn to dangerous people, at times manipulative (but not in a horrible way), and good at heart. Very few of the characters in this show are nasty people, unlike The Sopranos and Game of thrones where there are so many cunts. (Then again, those two shows are in a different league).

Petra. I like Petra a lot; she and Xiomara were my favourites initially. She’s one of those people that at heart is good but sometimes does bad things. I think she’s badass. I’m usually on her side just because I have a thing for characters with a slight ‘shady’ edge. She certainly gets herself into some crazy shit, but overall is kind.

Magda. I HATE Magda. She’s Petra’s mother and there’s nothing likeable about her at all. She’s a lying, manipulative, cruel, nasty woman. She pushes Alba down the stairs, she puts her own daughter in jail, lies to Petra on numerous occasions – I mean she’s the worst.

Sin ‘Rose’tro. Ah, this woman. Well she’s pretty badass. Evil as heck, but one of the villains you love to hate. Not to mention that although we don’t see her much, she drives a good chunk of the narrative.

So there’s my take on the main characters. Do you like this show? If you haven’t seen it then I recommend! Is definitely a good one for having strong, well developed characters.


  1. I actually love Magda. She's my favourite character even though she's evil. So underrated. Why does everyone love Rose and not her?

    1. Haha, evil characters can sometimes be more fun. I have a soft spot for Cersei from GOT. I think fans prefer Rose because she is motivated by love, i.e. her love for Luisa - albeit a twisted, obsessive love. Makes it easier to relate to her, whereas Magda is purely motivated by greed and cruelty. Nothing redeeming about her to be honest.


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