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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Hounddog (poem)

High in the mountains of East Africa
The Hound dog barks and howls.
He calls on the world to listen
To his witty words of wisdom.

He prances from rock to rock
Making the others gaze in wonder
At this dashing young creature
Brimming with bright charisma.

His tail is cocked to attention
His eyes shine with readiness
More and more animals come to listen
To what this dog is about.

The ladies smile and swoon
At this dog’s enticing ways.
He’s a hound dog; tramp, a rover,
And they all want to travel his way.

He’s got them by the ear
Telling them tales of his adventures
Music, fashion, art and colours
A world he painted all over.

The hound dog is a wise one
He says life is for living.
Don’t waste the time you have here,
For it will past by quickly.

This hound dog is not perfect
His fur is rugged and worn
But not to worry, for lady still
Shares a meatball with him.

He’s a hound dog alright; a tramp,
A rover, and a scoundrel.
Very wise, full of life and colour,
I wish that I could travel his way.

11th May 2017

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