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Wednesday, 15 November 2017


On one side, you have crazy radical feminists who believe that all men are rapists and need to be 'taught not to rape.' On the other side, you have idiot men who want to control women and want women to be subservient to men.
I really hate to waste my breath commenting on another article from this stupid site, but what the hell. This article is called 'I do not date women who have any of these 15 red flags.'
Read it fully here:
You would think 'red flags' would entail super needy, controlling, goes through your phone, slaps you, is over-demanding, treats you like shit; you know. Standard stuff no one wants or deserves in a mate.

Nope, here are their signs.

1. A woman who has slept with much older men and prefers it. Would a father or male role model allow his teenage girl be taken by men decades older unless there was a specific reason?
Men typically mature faster than women, so it's not uncommon for women to want to be with older guys. Sure, I find it odd that a 40 year old woman would marry a 70 year old man (i.e. the Trumps), but then that's none of my business. Love is love, and people fall for whoever they want for unexplained reasons.

2. A woman who falls for “black guy” game. She will tend to be loud, hyper-aggressive, and impulsive. Racist much? What the hell is 'black guy' game? Is this like that made up 'slut face' crap? So being into black men makes you aggressive? Wow, I'm literally laughing right now, I can't believe how stupid that sounds.

3. A woman who dances Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba. Basically any Latin dance, because all it comprises of suggestive lyrics and skimpy attires, where men lead women intimately and rub and touch them. It’s kinda like foreplay to sex. Those dances are very sexual and intimate, Why is that a bad thing? Shouldn't that be great; you know she'll be good in bed! But on a serious note, some people just enjoy those types of dances. Also, I think in Latin American culture it's normal for the men and women to be a lot more sensual and free with each other.

4. A woman who keeps in touch with her ex-boyfriends and casual sex partners. She should want to let go of any man besides you, because you are her world, and vice-versa. This is a joke right? I do think keeping in touch with an ex casual sex partner is a bit weird, but what if she's still friends with her ex? Flirting with her ex is one thing and clearly wrong, but being friends with them? Jealous cunt.

5. A woman who entertains a swarm of beta-male orbiters, and acts aloof about it. She’s an attention whore who needing constant validation and connection. I don't actually get what this means. What's 'beta-male orbiters'? Is that just code for male friends?

6. A woman who flirts with other men overtly or covertly, and doesn’t resist another man’s game. The man’s subconscious rationalizes it as a green light and presses her with bolder moves. Well clearly if you're dating someone and they're constantly flirting with others that's not a good thing, so I do agree with this. However, if you're not exclusively together yet then it's not your business to control what someone does. If you don't want to be with a woman who's overtly flirtatious no one is forcing you to be. It's like I would prefer not to date a man who flirts with every single woman around because I would assume he was only interested in a fling, not emotional commitment. I could be wrong, but usually when people are being flirty with a lot of people they're not looking for anything 'exclusive.' It really just comes down to do you want a relationship or a fling; people behave in different ways when they want different things.

7. A woman who doesn’t have a strong relationship with her family. Strong parenting is the antidote to sluts. Fathers and mothers, please take time to show your girls what they should expect while dating and how they should carry themselves as well how to find lifelong mates.
Uh, kill me. There are so many reasons why a woman could have a negative relationship with her family. Maybe she came from a toxic family environment. Or they fell out. The guy who wrote this is clearly a sexist prick with impossibly high standards anyway so I don't know how he's one to talk.

9. A woman who doesn’t have good, healthy examples of what a real, committed, long-term relationship looks like. Otherwise they believe that a relationship is always easy with no troubles, disagreements, or fights. And the moment it gets difficult, they deem you as being “controlling” and they move on to the next guy. Ok again, that I do agree with; if you're already in a relationship with someone and they are trying to just control everything you do then clearly that's not healthy. However, the guy writing this comes across as a major control-freak who doesn't want his woman going to dance classes or having male friends, so again, he's one to talk.

10. A woman who has a career in massage, dance, modeling, or acting. It’s a bad sign if she needs to use her physical body or looks to get paid. Wtf; unless your girlfriend is a prostitute or stripper she isn't just 'using her body/looks to get paid.' A lot of skill and training goes into the careers you just listed above. This is either trolling or a sign of ignorance.

11. A woman who lies to you and withholds information from DAY 1 or DAY 100. Self-explanatory. I agree, honesty is important in a relationship, but then it depends what the information is. This is very situational-dependent. For example, I'm in alcoholics anonymous and I suffer from panic attacks and have depression and have self-harmed. These would be a lot of things to dump on anyone I'd just met.

12. A woman who never fights for your time, attention, and love. But gives the whole world unceasing empathy and unconditional love. What do you mean 'the whole world'? This statement makes no sense. Yeah, partners should give each other love and attention, but I don't know what this guy's definition of it is as again he clearly has some personal issues with women and control that he's poured into this article. It's like he had an ex-girlfriend that screwed him over and has now taken it out on all womankind like presumably most of the guys that write for this site.

13. A woman who moved out really early from her parents home or lived in a different country and traveled to many cities. Yes, she has slept with lots of men that you know nothing about, and still thinks she deserves a solid, good man. Good God, this is one of the stupidest! Travelling doesn't necessarily entail sleeping around (and even so, sleeping around if single isn't a bad thing), and you never know a person's circumstances or why they may have moved out. Could be work or education related reasons, could be to gain some life experience, to find their goals, explore, bad relations with family members, whatever. Moron.

14. A woman who values the opinions of her girlfriends or anyone else, over yours. Not a keeper! Hm, I see what he's trying to say, but again this is too absolutist a statement. I think it's important to surround yourself with different people; friends, family members, partner. Having one person be your entire world and have everything revolve around them is so dangerous emotionally because that gives them basis to emotionally manipulate you (if non-deliberately) and means that if they're not available you'll feel destroyed.

15. And most importantly, a woman who doesn’t want to grow in all areas of her life, every single day. Instead she might use logic, such as “you don’t like me the way I am” or “you’re trying to change me” or some sort of bullshit along those lines. Nope! “I love who you are, but I also want you to keep improving yourself everyday girl. And I’ll promise to do the same.”
Again, I see his point; we should all be trying to grow of course. However, this guy doesn't want a girlfriend who has certain hobbies, has travelled a lot of is close to other people besides him, so his whole message is just confusing.

So yeah, another stupid and poorly written article. I don't know how anyone can possibly take this shit seriously. A few of the points I get, but his hypocrisy twists them around.

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  1. wow this guy seems like a prize/s also yeah there are a lot of idiots in this world

  2. a person that'd be awesome to date i was sarcastically pointing out this guy doesn't seem appealing at all

    1. Oh I see lol yeah he seems like a total bastard


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