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Monday, 4 December 2017


I am sitting here, sneezing my fucking arse off. I hate Winter most years, but this has been the worst of all. Since September I have had fifty thousand colds, coming and going. I don't understand it. True, my sleep has been up and down, but then it's always been like that. I've been eating plenty of fruit, exercising, drinking herbal tea and taking Vitamin C tablets.

This is a very British thing to do; complain about the weather. I don't usually write these 'ranty' posts on my blog, unless it's involving a current affairs/socio-political topic. But I like complaining, and I like blogging, and it's fun to occasionally do silly random posts.

I hate Winter because I hate being cold. I'm a small and fairly slim person, and I hate having to wear a million layers, and walk around feeling like a soldier with my body stiff and arms stuck out at odd angles. I hate how sweaty I get walking around in the cold and then entering the indoors, having to take off all those layers because I'm boiling and then put them back on twenty minutes later. I hate the rain and harsh wind and slush on the roads when pretty snow turns sour. I hate that it gets so dark at half past four and tricks your body into thinking it's eight and makes you feel really sleepy. I hate that it's grey and gloomy outside. No wonder people get Seasonal Affective Disorder!

I hate that the cold weather makes everyone get sick. I hate that it's made me get sick so much this year. In the Summer the weather is consistent; I took these brilliant herbal hayfever tablets this Summer gone and they worked like a charm. Vitamin D is great for your skin and overall health. In the Winter you just want to slump around indoors and watch stuff and tell everyone to piss off and cry because it's too cold to go anywhere or move.

I must say, I do think snow is nice and pretty, but as mentioned above it goes all slushy and icy on the roads and only lasts for a few days anyway. Snow is pretty to look at but I think it's overrated; it doesn't beat the sun little Olaf!

So yeah, I hate Winter. Do you hate Winter too? Or are you a lucky fucker that doesn't live on this temperamental island of Great Britannia? 

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