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Thursday, 7 December 2017

STDs: Breaking the Stigma

There’s a lot of stigma surrounding STDs. Only people that have a lot of partners get them; they’re these dirty things that make you un-fuckable for life, they mean you’re a slut...bla bla bla. With the advances we now have with modern science and technology, having an STD probably won’t kill you and is most likely treatable. The problem lies more in the social stigma. We’re all guilty of this I think; the idea of someone having an STD makes us freak out. ‘Oh no, the horror!’

In reality, they're more common then we think. Naturally they’re not a ‘good’ thing to have; neither is a cold or cancer. Sickness is sickness. I think STDs should be treated as any other type of illness should be; a temporary curable thing. It doesn’t mean you’re some ‘dirty freak.’

You can get STDs from sleeping with one or two partners and have none from sleeping with ten partners. That’s because it’s not about how many partners you have, but how careful you are. It’s not more partners = more chance, it’s more unprotected sex = more chance. A person screwing ten people yet uses condoms and gets tested regularly is less likely to get them, compared to a person screwing their second partner without checking first. I know, it’s not the sexiest of convos. ‘Do you have any STDs?’ I’m pretty frank; better to be safe than sorry.

Really the best thing to do is use condoms, get tested yourself, and make sure the person you’re with is clean and you can trust them. Most people prefer sex without a condom (I do; guys certainly do) and some guys will try anything not to use them even if the girl prefers to use them. If you’re with a boyfriend and you trust them and YOU’RE ON BIRTH CONTROL (even if it's the calendar-rhythm method) then sure, take off the plastic sheath and go skin-to-skin. If it’s someone you don’t know well then you don’t know what they have and they don’t know what you have and you might not know what you have. This is why you should get shwifty. I mean get tested. Regularly. They recommend once a year; can be more or less depending on how many partners you’re with or how sexually active you are.

I’m a firm believer in preventing things before they get to a certain stage. (Sometimes). One of the benefits of being an over-thinking neurotic is that I’ll probably lose my head if I go a day without taking the pill. (I’ve been on it for a year and a half and I think I’ve only forgotten to take it once or twice). 

It really is like they tell you in school. Birth control will prevent pregnancy, condoms will prevent pregnancy and STDs (unless it rips. Then you’re in trouble). Pulling out is a bad idea. It spoils the fun, but also it takes practice to get it perfectly right and stop pre-come.

There’s this hilarious story my dad once told me: An African president slept with a hooker without using a condom, and then took a shower, thinking he would be fine and not get any STDs because he took a shower. And what do you know, he got AIDs. Or something. That’s roughly how the story went.

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