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Thursday, 11 January 2018

16 Favourite Couples from Film and TV

I'm not a fan of the romance/rom-com genre, but I like romance in movies or shows where it's done well. Where it's believable and hasn't just been 'thrown in there'; the couple work well together and have some sort of friendship as well as a romantic bond, and the whole movie/show isn't just about their romance. Probably not all the couples I'll mention won't adhere to that, but let's see the ones I like anyway. (May contain spoilers).

Phoebus and Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). These are one my favourite couples but also two of my favourite characters. I love Esmeralda because she's independent, honest, compassionate and seeks justice for her people. I love Phoebus because he's funny, smart, caring and brave. The two work well as lovers but also as a team as they fight to restore Paris with the huge help of Quasimodo. I think Quasi, Esmeralda and Phoebus are three of the best characters Disney has created. For those thinking 'buuuh Quasi and Esmeralda' it wouldn't have worked, and it was nothing to do with his looks; Esmeralda was more like a mother figure to him, and he 'looked up' to her. Her relationship with Phoebus was more on equal footing.

Jonathon and Nancy (Stranger Things). When those two kissed I was like YASSSS! I think they're great because their romance is built up as a mutual friendship. They go through a lot together and suffer similar traumatic experiences (as Murray drunkenly psychoanalyses). They have a great bond and great chemistry and are both likeable (although Nancy is initially annoying you do warm to her and I love Jonathon from the start).

Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter). CLASSIC. These two are a great example of 'opposites attract.' She's brainy and serious, he's witty and slapdash. It takes them the whole series to realise but they do get married in the end. What I didn't like is the Harry and Ginny shipping - ok if you read the books it's better built up. (Ginny is described as very beautiful but in the films is plainer, and Hermione is described as plain in the books but is played by gorgeous Emma Watson in the films. Obvi just my opinion on looks but yeah kinda funny lol). But in the films the romance between Hinnie seems very random and thrown in.

Triss and Four (Divergent). These two are great together; they're both strong, courageous and smart and want to save their world. Unlike The Hunger Games which ends up being all about a ridiculous love triangle (Gale is hotter than Peeta imo), Divergent's main focus is the catastrophic story, not the romance. The romance stands well and is cute and makes sense, but doesn't 'diverge' (no pun intended) from the main plot.

Alex and Piper (Orange is the New Black). They're on and off but you gotta love them. I think they're adorable; when Piper proposed at the end of Season 5 I was like AWWWW! Always knew they'd find their way back to each other. Piper irritates me but I think Alex makes her somehow less irritating. Hehe.

Sam and Gilly (Game of Thrones). Two of the kindest, purest characters in the show, whose love for one another is beautiful and heartwarming. If anyone manages to survive, I hope its the two of them.

Daenerys and Jon Snow (Game of Thrones). What happens when you get two of the best characters from the show and put them together? You get....AN AWESOME COUPLE! My hopes for GOT is that these two end up ruling together. That probably won't happen because it's a sad show that crushes your dreams. A lot of fans online think Jon will kill Dany. If that happens I'll cry but I'll somehow understand. (If Jon is Azor Ahai it makes sense).

Jane and Michael (Jane the Virgin). This really did make me cry because Michael dies in the end (yup, if you were planning to watch this show I just ruined it for you. Well I did say there'd be spoilers). Those two are perfect for each other which is why his death is so sad. Why would you kill off one of the best characters? Did you learn something from George R. R. Martin?

Rose and Jack (Titanic). A very classic couple. I think Titanic is more than just a love story, it's a tragic story about the fragility of humanity. We lose the ones we love and can't fight the greatness of the earth and its destructive capabilities. What makes it even more tragic is that Jack does everything he can to protect and help Rose, and helps to change her for the better from a bratty rich (but horribly depressed) girl into someone rounded and compassionate.

Gus and Hazel (The Fault in Our Stars). Not one of my most favourite movies, but I think the romance in this film is well done. I guess it follows a similar pattern to the one above in that humans can't fight bigger forces, be they cancer or a fatal iceberg. These two start as friends and their relationship builds up as the movie goes, rather than just being thrown at you like a sack of potatoes.

Ricky and Jane (American Beauty). 'You two deserve each other!' said Angela in a wave of rage. Thing is, they really are great together. Both are sort of outcast and long for someone to listen and understand them. Ricky is brilliant, and Jane sees through him and sees that he's not some 'psycho', he's actually sensitive and smart. She feels like he understands her; she's stuck with a mum who works all the time and a dad who 'squirts his pants whenever she brings a girlfriend over' ewww.

Latika and Jamal (Slumdog Millionaire). This film is incredible, it features drama, crime, thrills, romance, sadness, optimism and joy. Tensions between family, poverty, lost love, a corrupt system - it's fabulous. These two get each other at the end, reunited at last. Not to mention he's a multi-millionaire. And they lived happily ever after indeed.

Charlotte and Harry (Sex and the City). Out of all the SATC couples, I think these two are the best. They're happy together, bring out the best in one another and both care deeply about their marriage. Harry is funny, successful and brilliant. He might not be the hottest but he's genuine.

Leslie and Scott (Just Wright). Another good example of a couple who built up a solid friendship and emotional connection first. Not that there's anything wrong with having instant romantic attraction, but I think it's good to show some emotional depth between characters before or alongside the romance in films. After all, no one is 'instantly' in love; it takes getting to know someone and building a connection. I love that Morgan realises they truly care for each other as well rather than being the 'bitchy backstabbing' friend.

Becky Bloomwood and Luke Brandon (Confessions of a Shopaholic). He's GORGEOUS omg and she's so funny. So, she winds up dating her boss, but they have the same goals and interests so looks like all will be well.

Elle Woods and Emmett (Legally Blonde). Emmett is lovely, so much better than Warner who was a bit up himself. He appreciates Elle for who she is and believes in her. He seems a lot more down-to-earth too.

Yay! Aw, doesn't this just warm your heart sugar puff! (Sorry). Do you like any of these movies or couples from the movies? Perhaps you have your own favourites? Let me know!

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