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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Oh, the internet. It used to be a place where stupidity came to die. Now it's the breeding ground for idiocracy.

A cute little boy can't even model an animal-themed jumper without everyone calling 'racism.' The parents (who are African) weren't offended by it, the H&M executives weren't offended by it; the little boy wasn't offended by it, so why are celebrities like The Weeknd jumping on the 'everything is racist' bandwagon?
Little kids get called monkeys all the time. Words are about context. We all know that historically monkey has been used in derogatory manners against black people. However, anyone who thinks that it has been used in a racist context regarding this little boy is clearly a moron. Monkeys are cute (to a lot of people; I don't personally find them cute), and like running around and climbing things, guessed it...little boys. 

Would it be different if a non-black child was modelling the jumper saying 'coolest monkey in the jungle'? If he had one saying he was a zebra and the white kid said they were a monkey? It's funny really; humans originated from primates and apes, so technically (in simplistic stupid terms) WE'RE ALL FLOATING MONKEYS DOWN HERE. MWA HA HA.

The liberal extremists are really embarrassing themselves at this point with their sad attempts to find offense at everything. You can't win. I'm sure if  a mixed-raced child had a jumper calling himself a zebra they'd say 'zebras have black and white stripes! RACIST!' If an Asian child had a jumper about tigers they'd say 'tigers are in Asia! You used an Asian child! RACIST!'

Isn't it more racist to look at this jumper and automatically think black people = monkeys? Isn't it more racist to look at people and see the racial stereotypes rather than the context? Isn't it more racist to try and make a sweet little boy seem like an oppressed victim?

The only way to end racism is to become colourblind. We have to stop looking at each other and seeing colour. Skin colour should be as relevant as eye or hair colour at this point. Humans come in a range of shades, personalities, interests and talents. If we keep looking at things like this and getting angry at pseudo-racism, how are we ever going to progress?

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