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Sunday, 28 January 2018


Ok, I don't hate everybody. Just anyone who isn't my brother, or my best friend. And I guess my parents are alright. Yes, that was a JOKE BRUV. BLUDD!!!!! But seriously. What is it that really gets on my nerves about people, besides everything? The fact that most people rarely want to admit their wrongs.

Unfortunately I am also a person, not a cat - although philosophers would argue whether animals count as people too, so for safety's sake I'll say I'm a human, not a cat. At least I think I'm a human - could be an alien for all I know. Me, plus my fellow humans, have this terrible habit of not wanting to admit when we're wrong about something. We'll happily point fingers and accuse others of being wrong, yet we don't want to look at ourselves and see what we also did wrong.

Look at this sentence taken from my recovery program:
'when we were wrong promptly admitted it.'

Why is that so hard for people to do? Ego. No one wants to admit their wrongs, because we don't want to crush our egos. It's so much easier to just blame things on others rather than look inside ourselves and fix what is wrong. I try now to be as self-aware as I can to note when I am being obnoxious, arrogant, self-pitying, tactless and the like. In order to get along with people and be diplomatic, I think we must certainly check our behaviour to see when we've crossed the line. 

Sometimes it's more blatant; yelling at someone verbally or online (which I have done) is clearly out of order, but being a bit snarky and indirectly spiteful can be harder to notice. People aren't always aware of their behaviour; sometimes it takes an outsider to see how someone is making you feel.

In terms of blaming other people for things, that is something I heartily can't stand. I am all for admitting when I was wrong, but being wrongly accused of something is not on. And again, humans do this all the time. The media is a great example. How many times has Trump been accused of being a racist or a sexist? I'm not a fan of the guy, I think he's an idiot, but why do these 'buzzwords' need to be incorrectly brought into play? Roosh V is a sexist, Anita Sarkeesian is somewhat sexist against men (or just a completely obnoxious person); the British National Party and the Tea Party and the Klu Klux Klan and the Nazis are full of racists. 

Why is it nowadays everything is racist or sexist? A person who makes one off-colour joke is suddenly a disrespectful woman-hater. James Bond is a misogynist because he enjoys having sex with women. The fuck?? I'm sick of all these exaggerations made within the regressive leftist media. And then there's other stuff, like celebrities being accused of scandal they had no part in, or men falsely accused of rape, or someone falsely accused of behaving in a way they had no part in. I've been accused of putting down men, of being a misogynist, of being a horrible person, of hating Muslims, of being a racist, of advocating that we should all sleep around with whoever whenever we want - these are just examples of my words being taken out of context. And I'm just a kid in the UK with a blog that has a mild following - not a massive one, but I do have some regular readers as opposed to getting two views a day.

I wish people could just be honest. Sometimes it feels like everyone is trying to screw you over and manipulate you and blame you for things. I just wish people could be more honest with themselves and act less high-and-mighty, like 'I'm innocent and you're full of shit!!' There's a saying; if there's one finger pointing forward, there are three pointing back at you. And please, let it be known that if I ever behave like this in future, because I probably will, I will hopefully turn around and go 'yes, I behaved like an arsehole and I'm sorry.' 

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