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Saturday, 6 January 2018


I'm what you would call extremely sensitive. Throughout my life, whenever I've been told to 'shut up' or 'be quiet', something inside me bursts into tears. I feel cut off, shut down, unheard and generally miserable.

It's crazy isn't it. Two little words can make me feel like the entire world is over. What's dumber is I've doubtlessly told plenty of people to 'shut up' or 'be quiet' in my life. Context is very important; being in the cinema trying to watch a movie with someone who won't stop talking and asking them to be quiet or keep the noise down is very appropriate. If they refuse to, turning around and saying 'CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP' like I've done a million several times may do the trick.

Or if you're in a church, or a quiet place like a hall; somewhere where people really need to be quiet. No one likes to be that annoying fucker - or next to that annoying fucker - who won't shut their goddamn mouth. But if you're trying to have a conversation with others, and they tell you to 'shut up' it can feel really hurtful like you've been let down. It's all about feeling unheard, ego being crushed, not being taken into consideration or being included. And that can be very painful and upsetting indeed.  It hurts for me, not just because I'm hyper-sensitive, but because I'm very talkative and brimming with ideas and opinions, so whenever I'm shut down I tend to take it to heart and resent the person/people who told me to 'shut up.' At least online, because we're writing not speaking, everyone is free to speak. (Let's hope so anyway; net neutrality might kill that).

Do you get upset when you're told to shut up or be quiet, or do you just get on with life because the little things just can't get ya down?

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