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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Why do I care?? (2)

I believe that a lot of the problems I have in or with life could be greatly reduced if I learned to let things go. Letting things go in life and taking things less seriously is probably one of the great secrets of happiness, as in that state you become less bothered about the little things and so are able to have a more positive attitude.

I mean, I have over two hundred posts here where I complain about stuff! (Ok, they're not all complaining; some of them involve me talking about my favourite books or TV shows). And yeah I am taking the piss a little. But I wish I could be someone who took myself and life less seriously, and didn't feel like things just weighed me down. I've been told that I take things out of context and have trouble letting things go, and it's true. Having resentments against people because of one small thing they said or did five years ago only affects you, not them. After all; who is affected by Sheldon Cooper's ridiculous wrath against Wil Wheaton - Sheldon or Wil?
He lives rent-free in Sheldon Cooper's head.

You won't believe some of the crap I hold on to. For example, I get pissed off when people who drink lots of alcohol bad-mouth weed like it's worse than crack. I find that so hypocritical as statistically alcohol is more dangerous than weed - but then who cares? I'm in AA anyway and don't drink or smoke weed anymore, and find both of them to be shit and poor for my mental health anyway. So why does it matter? After all, it is just somebody's opinion.

Or why do I get so cheesed off about women who dislike birth control pills? Sure, I think the pill is ingenious; it prevents pregnancy, regulates my always-previously-irregular periods, can make the skin clear, and doesn't have a massive effect on me that I'm aware of. (I was pretty depressed and fatigued before I went on it so I doubt it has much difference on me). But if some women don't want to use it, so what? Maybe they are fine with just using condoms, or they use another method of birth control, or they're aware of their monthly cycle so can tell when to have sex and not - BUT WHO FRICKEN CARES???

Just because I think something should be a certain way, doesn't mean everyone else should agree with me. We all have our own opinions about how the world is, but at the end of the day these are only opinions. What do I really care about? My family, my close friends, my sobriety, my mental wellbeing, and my music and creative writing. Yes, having opinions is a good thing, but perhaps some of us - myself included - take them too seriously to the point where we become so swept up in a need to be right on our views on the world that we forget to just sit back and enjoy life. As a friend of mine always said; sometimes it's not that deep.

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