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Friday, 2 March 2018

Why are people such cunts?

So I was watching one of my favourite movies; The Inbetweener’s Movie. And yeah, I know it’s just a movie and a TV show and it’s meant to be funny and take the piss and I take everything far too seriously. But there’s this scene where two of the main characters (Simon and Will) try to sell some of Simon’s clothes so he can make some extra money. (They’re on holiday in Malia, Greece).

A group of guys come along and they take all of Simon’s clothes, ask him to strip and then don’t pay him. So they trick him just for fun. And I just wonder...why? Why be such a dick? Why would you steal some poor guy’s clothes and leave him stranded naked in a foreign city? I mean for Gods’ sake, what would you want with his clothes anyway?

Or that dickhead Tuco in Breaking Bad. Why does he beat a guy to death for no reason? What is his fucking problem? What are you going to gain from beating another person to death? It’s not like it’s gonna make him feel better after; he’s just going to get high on meth to ‘forget’ his sorrows and punch a wall. I frequently feel like that when watching The Sopranos, but everyone in that show is a cunt at some point so you become immune to it. But seriously, why would you beat a prostitute to death? Or hit your girlfriend when she’s nothing but lovely to you and wants to be with you? Why do people treat each other like such pricks?

Yeah, I know TV is supposed to be entertaining and if it was all sunshine and teletubbies we’d get bored and stop watching. Most of the shows I like have dickhead characters anyway. But there are such little things. Like in Sex and the City, Samantha gets with a black guy and then his stupid racist sister gets pissed off because Samantha’s white and tells her to leave off. What is wrong with her? What is wrong with people? Why would you give a fuck if your brother was screwing a non-black person? Wouldn’t you be more concerned with whether or not his girlfriend was a serial killer or a psychotic nurse like Annie Wilkes from Misery who chains a poor man up and doesn’t allow him to leave the house until he finishes a manuscript that she likes? I mean why are people so crazy?

I know there are plenty of kind people in the world but good people can do bad things and act like
cunts. Yeah, we all act like cunts at times, and Art imitates reality anyway. But man it just pisses me off. Makes me look around the world and just think what the fuck am I doing here?


I wrote this about a year ago and didn't post it; I know it's just an angry rant about mean behaviour in TV shows but I do feel kind of strongly about this. I wish people could all be kinder to one another and not treat each other like shit. I wish everyone could get along and not be cruel or racist or sexist or misuse those terms (there's a video going round of some feminist who wants to get rid of the word 'man' for gods' sake). I wish people could help each other more and be genuine and honest and pure. I wish terrorism and war and poverty weren't a thing. I wish I wish I wish I wish...but so what.

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