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Saturday, 14 April 2018

10 Favourite scenes in Game of Thrones

I'm currently reading 'A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold' and loving it. It's got me thinking about my favourite scenes throughout the series. As we wait for the final season that approaches next year, here are my best moments to date in this incredible show that I am obsessed with. Will contain spoilers. No copyright infringement intended on any videos used.

Tyrion 'I am guilty of being a dwarf.' (S4 Ep6) Omg, this scene gives me chills. Peter Dinklage's acting is incredible. When I watched this the first time I was enchanted; Tyrion is my favourite character in GOT and one of my favourite characters in fiction. I love how his voice growls at the crowd. And oh, when he asks for a trial by combat and the camera cuts to everyone's different facial expressions - Margaery is worried because she knows he is innocent, Shae is upset, Oberyn is intrigued, Jaime heartbroken, Cersei scheming, and Tywin shocked because he can't let his son die even though he hates him.

Dany freeing the Unsullied. (S3 Ep 4) This scene is perfect and really cements what a badass Daenerys is. I think it was much better executed in the show than the books, more because the books don't have Valyrian written down. When Dany turns around and speaks Valyrian to the Master, he knows he is fucked. The little smirk Missandei gives is perfect. Also, the score in this show is spot on. You're terrified Dany really is going to give away Drogon, and it's so sad when she walks away as he calls for his mother. But mother doesn't abandon her children, for a dragon is not a slave.

Cersei burns down the sept. (S6 Ep 10) I rated Cersei for this so much, she's a real ruthless bad bitch. She's one of those characters whom I like and dislike at the same time. I thought her walk of atonement was unfair and the scene went on too long, and I hated the Faith Militant so it was wonderful to see their comeuppance. (Only thing that made me sad was Margaery and Loras dying though). And the way Cersei watches at the end; what a woman.

Arya and Sansa kill Littlefinger. (S7 Ep 7) I hated that bastard, and was so glad when Sansa finally realised he'd been manipulating her the whole time. The build-up to it confused me as I'm sure it did a lot of viewers; it was shot as if Arya was suddenly threatening to kill her sister, when really it was a ploy to try and convince LF they were turning against each other. Off-screen Bran saw what he'd been doing anyway. I think the earlier scene when Arya let Sansa see her faces and then handed Sansa the knife, it was her way of saying Sansa could trust her and that she needed to do the right thing by getting rid of LF.

Bran tells Sam the truth about Jon Snow. (S7 Ep 7) I thought this scene was so well-executed with Bran telling Sam about Rhaegar and Lyanna whilst Jon and Dany simultaneously made love. It was beautiful and sets up so much conflict to come in the final season. It reveals that Robert's Rebellion was based on a lie, and changes so much - will Jon kill Dany? Will they marry and rule together? I think Tyrion was sad because he knew that this could create problems for both Jon and Dany, and he was fond and admired both of them.

Ramsay's Death. (S6 Ep 9) Oh my god, the death of this piece of dog shit was fantastic. It cemented Sansa's transition from an innocent little girl into a badass tough woman. I loved seeing Jon punch Ramsay too; the first time I watched that I cheered and kept rewinding.

Joffrey's Death. (S4 Ep2). Who doesn't love this scene? Lady Olenna wasn't one of my favourite characters, but I adored the fact that she was looking out for her granddaughter by making sure she wouldn't have to marry that cunt. I believe Ramsay to be the most vile and evil character in GOT, however Joffrey is pretty up there too. The difference is Ramsay was smart and cunning whereas Joffrey was stupid and spoiled.

Battle of the Bastards - Sansa arrives. (S6 Ep9) I think 'Battle of the Bastards' was a scene where the violence in this show got too much for me, I was nearly retching and severely uncomfortable. It was all too much watching them hack away at each other and get throttled by that disgusting Bastard of Bolton. When Sansa came with Littlefinger with the Vale Army to save the day it was like hooorayyyy!!! Sansa really became a badass. This is probably the one time I liked LF (although we know he wasn't doing this out of the goodness of his heart).

Arya Stark destroys House Frey. (S6 Ep10 and S7 Ep1). There's a video on YouTube that combines both clips of Arya killing Walder Frey and her destroying the Frey family. Both scenes go together plot-wise anyway so I thought best to write both in. When I saw these scenes I was even more in love with Arya than ever before. The vengeance she took on the awful Freys for the Red Wedding was brilliant, particularly her speech when she stated 'leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.' Chilling. 

Dany emerges with the dragons. (S1, Ep10). This scene was beautiful in the show and book. Dany enters the pyre and emerges the Mother of Dragons, proud, unscathed and incredible.

Hope you enjoyed reading! What are some of your favourite scenes?

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